Chinese Student’s Murder Trial Begins on Monday

The crown prosecutor in a trial commonly known as the ‘webcam trial,’ Christine Pirraglia, mentioned in her opening remarks to the jury that Qian Liu’s boyfriend sat helplessly in Beijing as he watched her opening the door to a man though Skype on April 15, 2011. Pirraglia explained that Liu’s boyfriend listened them having a brief conversation, after which the man pushed his way in and shoved the 23-year-old in the direction of the bed and out of the webcam’s view.

According to Pirraglia, Liu yelled “no, no,” in both English and Chinese. Liu’s boyfriend heard two muffled bangs, after which there was a complete silence until he saw a man naked from the waist down walk towards the webcam and turn it off. That Crown will argue that the man was 32-year-old Brian Dickson, who lived in the same building as Liu near York University, i.e. where she attended English classes. Previously, Dickson pled not guilty to first degree murder, while the Crown rejected his plea of manslaughter.

Liu’s parents flew from China to attend the hearing on Monday, when they sat on the opposite side of the courtroom from Dickson’s parents. Pirraglia informed the jury that evidence shows Dickson’s DNA and semen was found on Liu’s body, adding that her body was found that April morning after her boyfriend frantically messaged her friends to check on her. Pirraglia pointed out that experts have not yet determined an exact cause of death for Liu beyond “mechanical asphyxiation.”

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