Mayor Ford Once Again Slams Waterfront Toronto

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has once again publicly criticized Waterfront Toronto and its leadership on Friday. In response to a report alleging that Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong refused to fund $337,500 of sand at Sugar Beach, Ford authored a letter that slammed the organization.

In his strongly worded letter, Ford alleged that “they have recently put in a request to the City of Toronto for billions of dollars in additional funding.” He said that “it is clear that we cannot trust Waterfront Toronto to spend tax dollars sensibly. Wasting millions of dollars on these frivolous expenses is not how taxpayers want their money spent.” Furthermore, Ford openly stated that “I will not support giving Waterfront Toronto one more cent of taxpayers’ money until I see a change in leadership and a true commitment to fiscal restraint at the organization.” It is worth mentioning that Mr. Ford has already unsuccessfully asked for Waterfront Toronto CEO, John Campbell, to resign from his position.

Regardless of the mayor’s views, the councilor in charge of the Waterfront Toronto board, Councillor Jaye Robinson, stressed there has been a push to ensure more transparency and accountability at the organization. Robinson stated that “waterfront Toronto is trying to do leading edge, state of the art endeavours.” She added that “the objective here is not run of the mill.” Robinson speculated that Mayor Ford was picking Waterfront Toronto as an issue to “try to bolster his campaign.” She stressed that “this is not some fly-by-night operation.”

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