Wife Says ‘Prince of Pot’ Emery Will Continue Marijuana Debate

Movement of renowned Pot activist better known as Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, might have been halted due to the four-year imprisonment in the US for selling marijuana seeds online, but his wife claims that he is still very much significant in the ongoing debate about the legalization of marijuana. The former Vancouver resident has just finished serving his time and his wife, Jodie Emery, plans to greet him on his return to Windsor, Ont., at the Canada-U.S. border on Tuesday.

The couple plan is scheduled to host a press conference and indulge in media interviews in Toronto, along with a party celebrating the continuation of a campaign of advocacy for the legalization of marijuana. The movement was interrupted due to his arrest and prosecution in the United States. 56-year-old Mr. Emery is anticipated to reach back in Vancouver on Aug. 17.

Waiting for a flight to Windsor in order to welcome her husband, Mrs. Emery mentioned in Toronto on Monday that “Mark was a pioneer. He helped lay the groundwork to get us to where we are today.” She stressed that “even if he is no longer a controversial, outrageous marijuana activist, he’s still a political activist.” Furthermore, she elucidated that “he is still relevant. We have thousands and thousands of Canadians looking forward to meeting him, working with him, telling us, in his absence, they have become activists while he has been away because they wanted to make a difference and they’re looking forward to working with him now.”

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