Nothing Found, Nothing Happened After Ford Bomb Threat

Toronto City hall was formally inspected by a bomb-sniffing black lab, named Ace, on Monday after Mayor Ford publicly announced to have received an email addressed to the deputy mayor and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, threatening to bomb the building if he did not resign within 12 hours.

Addressing reporters outside his office around 2 p.m., Mayor Ford called the threat “very serious.” However, he seemed less worried himself and continued “business as usual” after the announcement. The City hall was not evacuated at any time and police gave the all clear by the dinner time. Toronto police Inspector, Frank Barreto, confirmed that “we don’t believe there is any evidence to support any danger to the public or to any elected official.” Later on, Mr. Ford appreciated the work done by police on a “fantastic job.” He added that “all I can say is there was no bombs in my office, my brother’s office, or the deputy mayor’s office.”

In his previous announcement, Ford confessed that he was acting on his own advice to “keep people aware” by disclosing the threat. According to Ford’s announcement, the letter said “what’s wrong with your f—ing brother. I sent an email to him at city hall and he has 12 hours to vacate otherwise city hall will blow.” It continued that “I have already set up an explosive around. Since you guys have been back, it’s been chaos. So here’s the message: You have 24 hours to vacatge (sic) city hall. You and your brother. No fuss, no argument, no whinning (sic) no nothing. If you walk everything is fine but if you ignore this warning, cityt (sic) hall will disappear from this map and believe me, I am not joking.”

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