Ottawa Police Says ‘Flood of Information’ Caused Confusion

The Ottawa police chief explained during a press conference on Thursday that the flood of information that came in through 911 calls during yesterday’s incident led to confusion that kept MPs and thousands of others, including the security forces, that there was a second shooter.

Ottawa Police Chief, Charles Bordeleau, mentioned that “when these types of incidents take place, they are very fluid, they are very dynamic and police officials and law enforcement officials receive information from a number of sources.” It was explained that “before we can discount any of that information, we have to verify that.” Michael Zehaf-Bibeau caused a rampage by going on a shooting spree in Ottawa on Wednesday, which killed a soldier, until he died in a shootout in the Parliament building. Bordeleau confirmed that there were rumors at the time about shooting at the Chateau Laurier Hotel, i.e. down the street from Parliament, and at the nearby Rideau Centre mall. Additionally, there was fear that there were two or three shooters, hence armed police and military squads searched almost all of the hotel and the mall.

Bordeleau recalled that a 911 call reported carjacking and shooting at the Rideau Centre, but “the actual carjacking took place on Parliament Hill.” He stated that “there were also reports of other shots being fired from the Parliament buildings in a specific room. There were reports of an individual seen on the roof of Parliament with a gun,” adding that “so those are the reasons why we had to go under the assumption that there was more than one individual involved in this attack.”

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