Edmonton Muslims Unanimously Denounce Terror Attacks

Edmonton Muslims have openly criticized and condemned the unforeseen criminal acts that took place on Parliament Hill on Wednesday morning, urging all Canadians to stay united. It was mentioned that all Muslims are shocked, saddened and angered by hearing about a gunman fatally wounding a soldier standing guard at the war memorial in Ottawa before storming into the Parliament buildings nearby. The gunman, Michael Zehaf- Bibeau, was shot dead minutes later by a sergeant-at-arms inside Centre Block.

Local members of the Al-Hadi Lebanese Community Association, the Al-Houda Islamic Society, the Hussaini Canadian Educational and Cultural Association of Edmonton, the Iranian Islamic Cultural Society of Edmonton and the Islamic Shia ithnaasheri Association of Edmonton unanimously issued a press statement on Wednesday evening that they want the public to know that members oppose the actions of Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau. It was stressed that all Muslims communities in Canada stand united with all Canadians. According to unconfirmed reports, both the suspects were allegedly radicalized at the time of their conversion to Islam.

In the press conference, it was stated that “we are first and foremost Canadian. As Muslim Canadians, we are a victim of these terrorists and these savage criminals. Anybody that doesn’t agree with their ideology, they are their enemies.” It was mentioned that “I can assure you 99.9 per cent of Muslim communities in Canada oppose those kind of ideologies. There is Muslims everywhere in every community all the time and we’re hoping we can unite as Canadians and work together to fight these criminals.”

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