Former Alberta Premier’s Chief of Staff, Rod Love, Dies of Cancer

The man behind Ralph Klein’s successful career as a politician from Calgary mayor to Alberta premier, Rod Love, has passed away due to cancer. Mr. Klein’s former chief of staff, Mr. Love, died on Monday morning due to the tumour discovered by doctors in early September. At the time, Mr. Love wrote in his blog: “A not so funny thing came up at last month’s routine physical. A tumor has appeared in my upper body.”

In a move to be in charge of the situation, Mr. Love explained his health condition publicly before “all the rumours start flying.” However, he still refrained from adding where the tumour was in his upper body. Mr. Love stated that a treatment protocol was being developed so that medical professionals could attack the tumour. Upon hearing about his death, Conservative MP Jason Kenney mentioned on his Twitter account: “very sorry to learn of my friend Rod Love’s death. A legend in Alberta politics, tough but big-hearted, who loved Canada. RIP.”

In addition to that, Mr. Love also mocked the Tory’s recent troubles, especially their abuse of government jets for personal matters under then premier Alison Redford. He mentioned that “I am posting this because I want to get ahead of all the twitter-obsessed weirdos who will immediately have me on private flights to Mexico for experimental miracle drugs, or off to Lourdes, France to drink the magical all-curing waters,” adding that “no, I am right where I want to be in Alberta’s health care system.”

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