Liberals ignoring childcare crisis: NDP

Toronto – NDP Education critic Peter Tabuns says that the costs of childcare in Ontario are exorbitant and the Liberals need to make affordable licensed childcare a priority.

“It’s outrageous that families in Toronto, London, Windsor, Brampton, and Mississauga all face childcare fees equivalent to over a third of a woman’s income,” said Tabuns.  “Under the Liberals the costs for childcare has sky-rocketed because there are not enough licensed childcare spaces to meet the needs of families.  We’re in the midst of a childcare crisis that the Liberals keep ignoring.”

Today, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a report titled, The Parent Trap, looking at the cost of childcare across the country.  The study showed that Torontonians pay the highest daycare fees for infant, toddler, and preschooler spaces. It also revealed that Brampton is the least affordable city in Canada for childcare, with fees totaling 36 percent of a woman’s annual income. 

Tabuns said making childcare more affordable and accessible is important for our economy and labour force, yet continued underfunding by the provincial government means there remain far too few licensed spaces to meet the needs of families.

“Women shouldn’t have to choose between their career and taking care of their children because they can’t find affordable licensed childcare. And families shouldn’t be stuck on waitlists wondering if they’ll ever get a subsidized space they can afford.

“Having a childcare system that actually works for families would be good for parents, our children and the economy.  The Liberals need to stop paying lip service and make the expansion of licensed childcare spaces a top priority.  Families can’t afford to wait any longer,” said Tabuns. 

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