Anonymous Vows to Attack More Websites after

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The well-known hacker group, Anonymous, has taken credit of the cyber-attack that defaced the website of Ottawa City Hall on Friday, while vowing to target eight more institutions in Canada, including Ottawa Police and the Supreme Court. In the announcement by the group, it took responsibility of Friday’s hack of that showed an image of a dancing banana and naming an Ottawa police officer with the ominous message “You know what we want…”

Sources confirm that the officer named on the website by hackers is allegedly investigating a massive case that culminated 60 charges against a Barrhaven teen in May. The teen is primarily accused of “swatting,” which means to send out prank calls reporting bomb threats, hostage situations and active shootings while impersonating another person. The act is most commonly adopted among rivals in the online gaming community.

The Anonymous group previously mentioned in an explanatory anti-police rant on Nov. 12 that it would be carrying out “DDoS attacks” and announced its targets to include the servers of nine institutions, including Whereas the group again warned on Saturday that “this is just the start,” adding that “we will not rest, we have already hacked ottawa police’s mail server, stolen all email logs incoming and outgoing. We will be posting those shortly. We are going to be defacing the Ottawa Police’s website later, and are working on getting into the Supreme Court of Canada’s website right now.”

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