Mulcair Urges Canada to Accept 10,000 Syrian Refugees

During a campaign stop in Toronto, NDP leader Tom Mulcair made an emotional demand for Canada to immediately accept 10,000 Syrian refugees on Thursday. Mr. Mulcair was almost in tears when he mentioned seeing the photo of the body of a three-year-old Syrian refugee whose family allegedly attempted to escape to Canada but had been rejected.

In his remarks, Mulcair stated that “this morning we see a little boy getting picked up on a beach, as a dad and a grandfather it is just unbearable that we are doing nothing.” He explained that “Canada has an obligation to act and it would be too easy this morning to start assigning blame.” Even though he said he would not assign blame, Mulcair pointed out that an NDP MP hand-delivered a letter about the family’s application to Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander. He stated that “Chris Alexander has a lot to answer for but that’s not where we are right now.” Mulcair concluded that “the UN has asked us to immediately take in 10,000 — let’s do that and then we can start from there.”

Mr. Mulcair was clearly upset and seemed torn apart as he discussed the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. He alleged that “how desperate do you have to be to take that risk with your kids?” Mulcair added that “these kids, the older brother could have been going to school next week in Canada. This is hard for everyone. “It is a failure. It is a failure by the international community. It is a failure for Canada.”

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