EU to Invite Cameron to Discuss Proposed Reforms, Britain’s Membership

The European Parliament has requested UK Prime Minister David Cameron to address its members and inform them about his membership renegotiation proposals. This is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for Cameron to convince EU members to back his EU reforms. The president of European parliament, Martin Schulz, is anticipated to soon write to Mr. Cameron and offer him to present his proposals for renegotiating Britain’s membership.

Having said that, members of EU are pressing that Mr. Cameron should “transparently outline” what changes he is proposing. Brussels has urged PM to be clearer over the country’s renegotiation with EU. Although PM Harper has not openly disclosed all of his proposals, he did mention his willingness to curtail EU laws on freedom of movement and the ability for Britain to show a red card to any Brussels directive.

In his remarks, Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt confessed to have proposed the idea to hear Mr. Cameron out by inviting him to the parliament in Strasbourg. Mr Verhofstadt alleged that “I hope David Cameron seizes this opportunity and will transparently outline his demands for a renegotiation of the UK’s membership, in what is Europe’s democratically elected chamber.” He stated that “certainly there is nothing for David Cameron to be afraid of,” adding that “this renegotiation is an issue not only of concern to the UK citizens, who will have a vote in a forthcoming referendum, but an issue that concerns the establishment of a new relationship between the Union and one of its members. This is of concern to all the union’s citizens.”

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