Trudeau Discards Rumors of ‘Formal Coalition’ with NDP

Upon inquiry about news regarding a Liberal coalition with NDP to take power from the Conservatives, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has said he believes Canadians aren’t looking for coalition government at this point. He stressed that the Liberal party has always been open to working with other parties on passing legislation but the “Canadians aren’t interested in formal coalitions.” In fact, Trudeau mentioned on Tuesday that voters are looking for a government with “a strong team and a real plan.”

Addressing the audience at a campaign event in Nova Scotia, Trudeau highlighted the importance of electing a “better” government with a different approach. He explained that “people with small dreams for this country aren’t worthy of running this country.” Trudeau elucidated that his party will remain open to working with other parties on individual pieces of legislation because the “the Liberal Party has always worked with other parties elected in the House to make sure legislation gets passed.”

Just like any other campaign event, the Liberal Leader did not let go without criticizing his NDP and Conservative counterparts. He accused NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair of being “more focused on politics and people” as he alleged that the NDP is “buying into” the Conservatives’ economic framework with the promise of a balanced budget. Even though Trudeau refrained from criticizing Conservatives’ most recent woes, like former Toronto-area candidates who withdrew over urination and crank call videos, he did say that it was hard to tell if Conservative Leader Stephen Harper “is running a campaign, or just running.”

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