Tory Minister, Ros Altmann, Stripped from Labour Party Membership

A Conservative minister who was also a Labour Party member for the past 18 months, Baroness Altmann, has been deprived of the Labour membership. The former Saga director became a Tory before being promoted as pension’s minister by Prime Minister David Cameron. However, it was not revealed until now that she still held the membership of Labour party for the first four months in her new role and had been offered a vote in the party’s leadership contest.

Sources claim that Altmann renewed her Labour membership in March, i.e. weeks before the general election, even though she was working as a “business champion” for older people for the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition. A spokeswoman for the ministry explained that she “has taken an interest in all three parties” due to her previous role as director of over-50s group Saga and had previously acted as an adviser to former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair. However, the spokeswomen added that “she is now only a member of the Conservatives.”

The Labour Party is facing sheer criticism of its verification process for people wanting to take part in its leadership election. It expelled the Tory minister as soon as the anomaly was discovered. Although Labour sources are blaming the Conservatives to have not carried out “even basic checks” on their ministerial appointment, Conservatives claim that it was Labour that should be embarrassed for offering a well-known Tory minister a vote in its leadership election.

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