Men’s Field Hockey: Champions Trophy – Australia vs Pakistan Watch live online streaming

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Australia and Pakistan will face each other in their final group clash on Tuesday of Pool B.

The host, Australia is currently leading the Pool B with 4 points on their scoreboard through one victory and one draw. The 2nd ranked Aussies earned the 4-2 win against their first outing against 8th ranked Belgium. In their second match against 3rd ranked Netherlands, Aussies ended in a draw with 0-0. However, they are hopeful to end the group stage with a win to get some easy side to face in the Quarterfinal stage. The Australian squad includes: Jamie Dwyer (C), Simon Orchard, Christopher Ciriello, Jason Wilson, Mark Knowles (C), Russell Ford, Edward Ockenden (C), Joel Carroll, Tristan White, Matthew Swann, Glenn Simpson, Josh Miller, Trent Mitton, George  Bazeley (GK), Kieran Govers, Kiel Brown, Andrew  Charter (GK), Fergus  Kavanagh (C).

On the other hand, the 9th ranked Pakistan team own 3 points from two matches through having one win and one loss. In their opening Pool match against Netherlands, Pakistan suffered a loss with 1-3. However, in their 2nd Pool game against Belgium, Pakistan performed remarkably and grabbed a win with 2-0. Now they need to win this last group match to double their points on the scoreboard. The Pakistan lineup includes: Imran Shah (GK), Waseem Ahmed, Muhammad Imran (C), Muhammad Rizwan Junior, Fareed Ahmed, Rashid Mehmood, Muhammad Waqas, Shafqat Rasool, Abdul Haseem Khan, Muhammad Rizwan Senior, Shakeel Abbasi, Imran Butt (GK), Syed Kashif Shah, Muhammad Tousiq, Muhammad Umar Bhutta, Ali Shan, Muhammad Ateeq, Muhammad Kashif Ali.

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