US soccer equal pay for men and women 2022

us soccer equal pay

This article was last updated on May 18, 2022

Finally US soccer equal pay after four World Cups have been won by the US soccer women’s team. The best their male counterparts could do was come in third in 1930.

People have said that a new agreement between the men’s and women’s teams of the United States to pay them equally could “change the game around the world.”

US Soccer has said that the teams will share their World Cup prize money and their TV and sponsorship money.

“These agreements have changed the game in the US for good,” said Cindy Parlow Cone, the president of US Soccer.

“They could change the way people play around the world.”

Women’s team players sued for discrimination in 2019, and the case was settled earlier this year with a $24 million (£17.7 million) payout. US Soccer said the new agreement was “a necessary and critical step toward resolution.”

“We are now waiting for the class members and the court to approve the settlement,” it said.

Alex Morgan, who has won the World Cup twice with the United States, said that the agreement was “historic.”
US Soccer had said before that it was hard to make the prize money for both teams the same because Fifa paid federations different amounts for the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Becky Sauerbrunn, captain of the four-time World Cup winners, said, “We hope that this agreement and its historic achievements, which include equal pay and better training and playing conditions for national team players, will serve as the foundation for the continued growth of women’s soccer in the United States and around the world.”

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