Divorce Effects on Kids

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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There are many effects of divorce that spoil the lives of many. The dissolved family relation not just changes the life of two partners but also their children. The broken family relationships, especially effects of divorce are gravely reflected in a child’s personality. They have a deep affect on children’s fragile psyche. When parents divorce, their children encounter many adjustment problems and their life is different from that of children living in a happy family. The effects of divorce can be seen in their life as these children’s personality traits reveal the pain they have been through.

There are many effects of divorce that lead children to a lot of suffering. Unlike the intact families, the children living with the single parent are less pampered and high responsibility is placed on their shoulders at an early age. Often these children are grave and stern by nature and lack fun in life.

Also, as an effect of divorce these children are deprived of the economic resources and due to weedy family relationship the quality of their life deteriorates. The income of single parents may not be enough to fulfill the needs of children. A noticeable effect of divorce is that due to the exit of an earning member the social life and status of the family may steep down a bit Moreover, the stress these broken family relationship causes is natural. The effects of divorce on children depend on the age, gender and temperament.

If the children are too young, they can adjust to change and get used to their new life, but in adolescence, kids become difficult to handle. They are deprived of their significant family relationship and from the source of nurture and knowledge.  As an effect of divorce they may be depressed and feel dejected in their social circle. Parents must provide the physical and psychological support to adjust to their new life.

The single parent may also lose parental control as an effect of divorce or separation. Children may lose their interest in the family, become obnoxious and aggressive. If the children are exposed to the tantrum and criticisms that damaged the family relation, they may stop respecting parents. Another effect of divorce is that the friends and extended family members often play blame games which damages the psyche of the child.

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