Female foeticide in India

Gender inequality and poor governance and legal system seems to have enormous social insensitivity. Gender inequality is one of society’s most deadly problems. Most girls and women are forced to kill it. Later, the entire society suffers the consequences later. Men discriminatory situation of girls in society is extremely frightening. Of course things are changing, but still did not stop the female foeticide. We are in discussion of female foeticide. Despite all the noise Mcte not to stop taking the anti-social evil. The few people argue that we can not so much about the work or because we Unwittingly coming convention of the society can not separate ourselves from thinking. We have the pleasure of their thinking at all costs to maintain. The fear of hell, heaven, when we desire to die by the hand of the son did not Mukbati, then will go to Hell. Daughter in robbery, after the death of another person, shall not be less than a penny. This sin will. Write educated today than ever before, despite the high number of conservative customs of society, keeping themselves more. The evil one caste and community, not every faith, every race, every class and it is shocking Pratiflit thinking. Statistics show that most things are bad in Haryana. Although foeticide in Haryana is fully closed. Strictly adhere to the law but also to girls in the womb to kill him for the Borders region of UP is working.

Experts say that in the last days in Gurgaon designed to prevent female foeticide regional film 8th Word was able to leave a mark on people. During one month, more than 16,000 youth in 19 educational institutions saw the film. The district administration and the Red Cross Society of the effort made by the Foundation vipra the film seen by young people as well as the village. Much of the film was appreciated, but the results of the three eligible Dhak. While regional language film, the film directly to those female foeticide is a satirical, but also to teach daughters the film leaves the impression on the public’s psyche. Despite all this proves to be not a change of circumstances that society is not ready to give up their evil be anything you want. If so, would not foeticide is prevented. Some say that female foeticide is banned completely in Haryana. There is also strictly follow PNDT Act, but the border district of Uttar Pradesh, killing those girls in the fetus’ Yama’s working. Baghpat district of Haryana bordering UP, Shamli, Saharanpur and Meerut-Muzaffarnagar indiscriminately by people coming from Haryana fetus and female infanticide are being investigated. Janchoprant are disclosed in the state of Haryana. He points out that the accused went to the districts of UP is made of female foeticide. You have seen how our senses are dead. Where girls have gone to the mercy-illusory sense.

Let everyone know that Lord Mahavira is said to be running our lives without violence, violence which is sin, crime. We should not promote it. Nature walks under which a large part of the environmental injustice creatures eat smaller creatures are. But when a man, another man began to slaughter so wanton carnal nature of man that is called. Crime has been increasing constantly in society, these heinous crimes, female infanticide. Its causes are the major reason is that son, cremation will run together, will Mukbati. According to the scriptures, I will get to heaven, or rather my soul went to heaven, the dead will remain the same Mrityuprant linger. My name can not take the children born from the womb of the daughter. So that it can carry the posthumous son’s son could keep us alive, so she will have a son. What daughter, staying hungry, Educate-Likhao night awake, and when the turn comes great pleasure to give, and he goes to another house. Moreover, the lifetime savings also takes Going leaves. So here goes our tenacity and austerity unnecessarily. So why take the trouble to raise a daughter. Why do not we stop it from coming into the world. Still, even if you come to uproot small trees do you think? When the tree shall grow, then it will not be easy to supplant. The thought of reaching the floor of our collaborative science remains today. Infant daughter as a result of sex-selective abortion are to get rid of. Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent heroes such as violence in the country is the head. However, more stringent regulations have also been created to not do so, however, those of female foeticide has no bearing on the law.

foeticide in India show that nearly two decades ago has begun. Guru Nanak Dev, the power of his word five centuries ago people were aware of the woman’s personality. What is female, do not dilute it, this is based on the world, women have the same nature. But the passion of the male-dominated society and our daughter understands nothing but burden. It is unfortunate that linked to female foeticide would see a huge dowry. As well as the parents of a daughter born seems anxious about the dowry. Nowadays, due to daughter’s house in the days before finding God, how many are in the money, based on what is found bridesmaid, bridesmaid here because it’s sold. His auctions. Sometimes the money dowry daughter took on the interest from their homes with a mortgage Mahajan said. In case of not returning the money to families are forced to commit suicide. The tradition of dowry, illiterate lout, or is not limited to the poor. It is also in the big rich. The only difference is, the rich dowry of poor is equal to the price of a towel. Well, thus increasing abortion would be unfair to blame only the men. These days, the educated women in the clinic by themselves bring a gender test. Even if the first daughter and second child next month, then the doctor himself says, we have to finish it. Then the doctor bring a huge love of money by giving female foeticide.

However, you can say that hundreds variety of social evils and Andbiswavson world city, from towns to villages are spread like an epidemic. Unfortunately all of these victims are women eventually. People for private interests are declared witches and drinks milk and put the marriage of girls. Racist hatred because of sexual assault and rape of women place. In the name of caste and tradition, are widows living hell. Alcohol and opium addicts makes women victims of violence. Any part of the men grabbed the woman’s family property dispute it. The news came the day the newspapers are published in dowry remain. Every year thousands of pregnant women in the absence of medical facilities of life loses. foeticide and birth in many species dying from the old tradition of killing the girl child is not counted. This type of antisocial behavior increased awareness on the serious injury that needs killing. People understand the importance of daughters.

Note: This article has been translated from Hindi to English using Google Translate. Errors in grammar and spelling are likely

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