Time for Obama to prove he really “TAKES IT SERIOUSLY”

Angry demonstrators burn effigies of President Barack Obama

Angry demonstrators burn effigies of President Barack Obama

A lot has already been said and written about the NATO Air Strike that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead. Nato airstrikes which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers went on for almost two hours and continued even after Pakistani soldiers had pleaded the forces to stop.

The Blame games, the cross statements, the sympathies and the apologies have already started. What were the reasons behind the deadly Air Strike, who initiated the ugly episode? The answers to these questions will never find its way to the common man. The people who suffer the most from these senseless and brainless attacks will never know the true facts and reasons. Do the families of thousands of people killed in Drone attacks know? Do the Innocent people killed in Terrorists attacks all over the Globe know the ugly truth? The Answer is a painful and a disturbing NO.  Imagine the agony of a mother whose son got killed while trying to earn bread and butter for his family? Sigh… She will never get an answer as to what was her son’s fault let alone trying to fight for justice.

The weak and failed Obama administration scrambled diplomatically Tuesday to repair the damage caused by a NATO air assault that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, hoping Pakistan won’t play spoiler in the U.S.-backed plan to shore up Afghanistan’s security and bring international forces home. Which forces me to ask another question. Can Mr. Barack Obama and his administration repair the damage done to the families of the 24 soldiers? Can he return the smiles back to the faces of the family members of the Martyred Soldiers?

What U.S backed plan to shore up Afghanistan’s Security is Mr. Obama’s administration talking about? Killing innocent people in the name of War of terror, is that the plan of ensuring security in Afghanistan? It’s High time America’s Policies look at themselves in the mirror and make a decision.

Now let’s keep the current Air Strike out of discussion for a little while and look at the statistics of Drone Attack Conducted by the American Security Forces.































Out of all these deaths more than 90% of them were innocent civilians. With these figures the U.S might have produced more than 4000 terrorists to kill these 2000.

After taking a look at the statics above, let me ask you another question. Are the drone attacks justified? Do they serve the purpose of the so called “WAR ON TERROR”? The Answer yet again is a blatant and painful NO.

America’s relationship with Pakistan over time has been a LOVE-HATE relationship but one that has somehow managed to partner each other in difficult times. They have been Allies in the decade long War on Terror but since a past few months their relations have strained. Last month Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visited Pakistan in a bid to improve the tension filled relations between the two nations. After her visit many believed the talks will help the two allies to improve strained relations.  How ironic is it that, only hours before the NATO Air Strike, U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the coalition’s top commander in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani concluded a meeting that sought to find common ground. The two men discussed areas of cooperation and “basically what we could do for each other.”

The common man of Pakistan is furious with the recent happenings. The mood around Pakistan is that of fury and rage. Hatred for America is at an all time high, there are calls for investigations into the Air Strike. For a nation which suffers from Corrupt Politician’s, uncertain political atmosphere, shortage of Gas, Electricity and Basic Human Rights on a daily basis, this isn’t something they will turn a blind eye to. Pakistan ruling government for all their mishandlings, faults and false promises have done the right things in the aftermath of the Air Strike. Credit should be given where it’s due and for once the Pakistani Government has stood up to the cause with dignity. People across Pakistan have hailed their decision of Halting NATO Supplies and are standing right behind supporting their government.

NATO officials have described the innocent deaths as “tragic and unintended”. America’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the assault in Northwest Pakistan was terrible and has promised a rapid and thorough investigation. White House spokesman Jay Carney said the president extends sympathy to the families of the dead soldiers and to the people of Pakistan. Carney said: “We take it very seriously.”

The aforementioned apologies and regrets will not cut it for the average common Pakistani, Keeping in mind the mood around the country NATO and Obama administration need to do a lot more than make promises to tame the angry nation. For starters they all require a transparent and conclusive inquiry into the mindless NATO attack. The result of the “PROMISED” investigation should be made available to the people who matter, to the mothers who have lost their sons, to the wife’s who have lost their partners, for all the sons and daughters who will spend the rest of their lives without their fathers. The families, the Sons and daughters, the fathers and mothers deserve to know why they lost the apple of their eyes.

Mr. President the ball is in your court and if you really “TAKE IT SERIOUSLY” then it’s time for you to prove it. It’s time for you to prove the age old saying “Actions are louder than words”.

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