EXPOSED: Conservatives won’t focus on climate change file

Not that we need any more evidence the Conservatives have NO intention of doing ANYTHING on the climate change file, but today’s development really does highlight these frauds that run our country.

If you go back to every climate conference, meeting, international discussion, since the Conservatives have taken office, they have hidden behind the “big emitter” arguments when justifying their own lack of commitment. Supporters of the Conservatives have chimed in as well, with these empirical arguments, why Kyoto is practically useless without the participation of countries like China, other emerging economies. This line of defense to deflect Conservative indifference on the file has been quite effective.

Suddenly, China has given signals that is perhaps willing to enter into BINDING agreements, a major BREAKTHROUGH by any measure:
On the weekend, China’s top negotiator signalled his country – now the world’s largest emitter – would accept binding commitments in a treaty after 2020, so long as developed countries renew their pledges under Kyoto.

The European Union is pushing for a compromise that would see current Kyoto participants accept a second round of emission-reduction targets, while the major emerging countries agree to negotiate their own binding commitments for the post-2020 period.

Asked whether Canada would reconsider its Kyoto position in the light of developments at the United Nations talks in South Africa, Mr. Kent offered a terse: “No.”

So, Canada’s argument- which Moore is still bizarrely using in Parliament today- is that only a small percentage of nations are under the Kyoto umbrella, rendering it impotent in tackling the problem of carbon emissions. EXCEPT, now we have the big emitter- the country the Conservatives have CITED for years to deflect criticism- saying they might be ready for binding targets within a Kyoto-like Protocol. IF, the Conservatives were previously genuine, they would be JUMPING ALL OVER this development, but instead we get an unbending rejection, now based on flawed and dated logic.

Exposed AGAIN, and while the domestic consumption will be shrouded in wave after wave of pungent Conservative bullshit, our international partners will once again look at Canada with disgust and surprise.

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