Defeated PC Party candidate Jamie Ballem ends campaign on a sour note

This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

 Defeated PC Party candidate Jamie Ballem ends campaign on a sour note

Jamie Ballem, defeated leadership candidate

It may be human to express your feelings when you lose a political race but it never shows character.
Jamie Ballem’s statements to the media look like nothing but sour grapes.
He’s not going to meet for dinner, lunch or breakfast with the successful leader, Olive Crane. He thinks dirty tricks were played on him in the last weeks. He thinks Crane made secret backroom deals.
Hardly the stuff of a Watergate style conspiracy. Politics is a blood sport and people do make deals, back room or otherwise.
Ballem might have to admit that his hope of winning on the second ballot was nil. Olive only needed a small number of the other candidates to switch to take her lead to a majority.  
Ballem must have made a few deals to finance his video and media intensive short run at the leadership.
It’s so immature of him to pout in public. Suck it up Jamie and be a man.
Don’t try to divide the party you promised only a few days ago to lead into the future.
For the full CBC interview – click here.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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