Behind the Lie at Hudson Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

Behind the Lie From Acclaimed Chinese Playwright Makes U.S. Debut

Hudson Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

"Behind the Lie"

Grex Group Theatre presents the U.S. premiere of Behind the Lie by Nick Rongjun Yu, China’s most-produced living playwright. This taut psychological drama is fierce, dark and occasionally brutal. In a claustrophobic interrogation room, a policeman tries doggedly to get the doctor he’s questioning to confess to murdering his wife. But it soon becomes clear that the policeman has his own demons, and there’s more of a connection between these two men than first appeared. The doctor’s wife was having an affair, which the doctor knew of and approved, and the policeman seems to know more about the murder than the investigation facts warrant. The roles of the interrogator and the prisoner shift back and forth, until eventually the guilty party is revealed. One of the men will go to prison. But which one? Rongjun Yu’s plays have won numerous awards in China and have been translated into several languages and staged at international theater festivals.

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