Jaws : 40th Anniversary Screening at Aero Theatre (Santa Monica, CA)

Jaws: Spielberg’s Classic Thrills on the Big Screen

Aero Theatre (Santa Monica, CA)

"Jaws": 40th Anniversary Screening

Just as Psycho had terrified viewers switching to baths in the ’60s, Jaws traumatized a generation of beachgoers from going in the water in the ’70s. Now you can experience Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller on the big screen in this 40th anniversary screening at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. From its iconic opening shot — the shark’s point of view closing in on the kicking legs of an unwitting swimmer — to John Williams’ instantly recognizable score to classic lines (“We’re gonna need a bigger boat”) to its trio of great performances by Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and, of course, Robert Shaw, Jaws is a true classic that you need to see on the big screen.

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