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Corporate Managed Earnings Don't Believe Everything That You Read    A paper by Ilia Dichev, John Graham, Campbell R. Harvey and Shiva Rajgopal entitled "Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field" provides investors with some interesting insights into the quality of earnings statements from publicly traded companies.  Given that we always seem to be in

The debate over the impact of peak oil has been raging for decades. Although few deny that the end of mass oil consumption is drawing nearer, educated estimates now range between 2020 and 2030. But more important than the timeframe of peak oil are its consequences. Some seek to spell the end of life

The Impact of Macroeconomic Changes on Consumer Durable Goods Orders   While certain aspects of the economy appear to be "normal", some are clearly lagging the pack. In one case, the long-term sector growth has been pitiful at best.   Durable goods, goods that are defined as those that don't wear
While you have to swallow long-term projections with a few pounds of salt, an interesting study from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, better known as the OECD, looks at the challenges facing the world's economy over the next fifty years.  The "Shifting Gear:
Paying Down the U.S. Federal Debt   Let's open this posting with a graph showing the U.S. federal on-budget surpluses and deficits since 1915:  
Here's a graph showing us the on-budget surpluses and deficits as a percentage of GDP:     
  That certainly is a
Asset Volatility and the FOMC Minutes   When the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) releases the minutes of its closed door meetings to the "sweaty masses", the world's investing community sits on the edge of its collective seat.  In this posting, I will summarize a study by Dr. Carlo Rosa at the New York
One of my main sources of data for my postings is the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis better known as FRED.  Using their data, we can compare many facets of the American economy and even compare American data to data from other OECD nations.  In this posting, I want to compare the number

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