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Negative Interest Rates Caught Between and Rock and a Hard Place    Throughout the six year history of this blog, I have occasionally posted articles on negative interest rates, a monetary policy that seemed utterly far-fetched back in 2012 when I posted this item.  Even with interest rates showing this declining pattern over a thirty-five year period....
The Impact of Low Oil Prices on the Global Economy    We've all seen oil prices do this over the past two years:   ...and have heard many pundits, economists and experts pontificate about the impact of low oil prices on the economy of the United States, Europe and the world's largest oil producing
America's Long-term Fiscal Problem    Given the fact that the United States is in the middle of a presidential cycle, one subject has received a backbench status when compared to terrorism and immigration.  Given that Washington's total debt now looks like this:    
...and this:
The Debt Trap This Time It Really Is Different    With the volatility in the world's stock and commodity markets being foremost on many investors minds, I wanted to take a look at some recent comments by William White, a Canadian economist.  His main claim to fame are his prescient views on the debt crisis of 2008.   He is
The Economy's Growing Inventory Problem    There are many components to America's GDP, the most important measure of economic health.  These components include:   1.) Personal consumption which includes both goods and services.  Goods include durable goods like automobiles and appliances and non-durable
The Credit-to-GDP Gap and What it Means for the World's Economy    Hidden away on page 33 of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Quarterly Review from September 2015 we find this interesting table:   While I realize that the concept is rather abstract, for the purposes of this posting, we will be focussing
America's Real Unemployment Story   Let's open this posting with Donald Trump on unemployment from 2013, prior to his run for President:     While Trump's recent claim that unemployment was as high as42 percent is technically

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