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The Economic Impact of the Ebola Epidemic   The outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa has had a significant impact on the area, particularly the nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone that are at the forefront of the infected zone.  One thing that has received little attention is the impact of the unprecedented Ebola epidemic on the
American Housing Market's Lost Decade Looking Ahead    While the American housing market has shown improvement since the collapse that began in 2006, it is still not back to its pre-Great Recession levels as shown on this graph:     In fact, according to Clear
The World's Jobs Gap   As a matter of habit, we all concern ourselves with the employment/unemployment situation in our home countries and pretty much ignore what happens elsewhere unless it happens to impact us directly.  A recent report prepared for the G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting looks at the
America's Stalling Housing Market   One graph from The Urban Institute's Housing Finance Policy Center gives us a good clue about why the improvements in the American housing market seem to be stalling:   As you can see, the average FICO
The Federal Reserve Plays the Blame Game   The Federal Reserve finally has it all figured out.  A brief paper by Yi Wen, Assistant Vice President and Economist at the St. Louis Federal Reserve and his Research Associate, Maria Arias, points out who is to blame for why the Federal Reserve's multi-trillion dollar monetary experiment
How Healthy is the Construction Sector?   Spending on construction, while up from the depths of the Great Recession, is still just about at its pre-recession levels, particularly when one looks at the various components that make up total construction spending.   Here is a graph
Corporate Managed Earnings Don't Believe Everything That You Read    A paper by Ilia Dichev, John Graham, Campbell R. Harvey and Shiva Rajgopal entitled "Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field" provides investors with some interesting insights into the quality of earnings statements from publicly traded companies.  Given that we always seem to be in

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