Emraan Hashmi and Sufi song’s connection – music company wants the number in Shanghai

Mumbai: Emraan Hashmi is turning to be a big superstar. Yes, that has started it to happen since his every movie gets successful. He is among those few Bollywood actors whose movies hardly bomb at the box office rather if we glance back at his all previous movie, we hardly find any film starring him as the main lead getting flopped or bombed at the ticket window. This shows this actor’s class and his honest and strong fan following, which is in plenty in India and around the world.

His latest Jannat 2 hit the marquee and he is enjoying the success with the film. The movie is on way to churn out the bigger business for the makers and the investors even being a low budget movie. We have been witnessing it that Emraan’s each movie has a Sufi number attached to each film’s album. Now his upcoming film ‘Shanghai’ is all set to be released. The music company T-Series, which is releasing the music of the film, has asked the makers and the director to inject a Sufi number in the album. The music giant considers it music’s success of Emraan Hashmi’s films.

Now the director Dibakar Banjerjee is worried as to how he should inject the Sufiyana track into the film’s narrative as the movie’s subject does not require it. The film is a political thriller and not a romantic movie thus putting the Sufi number will be like a sour thumb. But as the music company insists to do so, director discussed it with Emraan and then they both decided to shoot a song as a sequel to the movie and will reveal Jogi Pramar’s (Emraan’s character name in the movie) life after the film.

The track will soon be added into the film’s narrative and it is being hoped that it will also be used for the promotional activities of the film.

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