Rozlyn Khan promotes IPL through naked butt

Mumbai: Well, we have been hearing the claims to strip naked from the dusky sexy siren Poonam Pandey since quite long but still the day has not seen the light yet (though she provided many spicy joys to the masses with her nearly nude pictures and bath visuals). Now Poonam has her contender in place who will give her the run from the scene since she is more gorgeous, sexier, hotter and bombastic than Poonam Pandey. She is none other than Rozlyn Khan, who went topless for a cause recently.

Rozlyn’s latest dare to bare photo shoot shows her revealing her nude butt. This super hot act sends the shivering chill through the men’s bodies. Her butt-revealing photo shoot is for sure supremely hotter. She did the act just like Johan Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor who both revealed their butt cheeks for the promotional activities of their movies. And now Rozlyn Khan has geared up to promote the IPL through her butt cheeks revealing. She is the lady and she can promote more than John and Tusshar and the same she claims as well.

Rozlyn is desperate to step into the world of Bollywood and these acts like topless and butt-revealing are being done just for the sake of entry into Bollywood. She says that if she had been offered the opportunity to reveal the butt, she would have done wonders more than John and Tusshar.

There is one thing common in both of these Bollywood thirsty babes – Poonam and Rozlyn and that is cricket. Poonam too had risen the claims to be naked for Indian cricket team and Rozlyn did the butt-revealing for the promotion of IPL team.

In the picture, she is standing on crease and a bat in hands. She is seen wearing white bra and skirt. She is seen sliding down her skirt to reveal her butt-cheeks. On her butt there is an IPL logo and on her butt cheeks, she asks to buy the IPL tickets.

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