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Is It A Silly Publicity Stunt Of Aamir Khan

The actor’s sudden appearance in a function to tackle alcoholism among women has the aroma of a publicity stunt
Aamir Khan, because the host of Satyamev Jayate, didn’t plug any one of his movies as the show was on. However, as the show is finished after creating the preferred impact, Aamir is jumping around the social cause bandwagon to advertise his films, or so it seems!

His next film to be directed by Rajkumar Hirani titled P.K., Aamir has been said to be playing an alcoholic. Earlier there have been rumours that it’ll be the pretty Band Baaja Baraat babe Anushka Sharma who’ll play an alcoholic. And thus, it came like a surprise to all of us when Aamir resulted in at an event organised by Aa. Here, he was seen referring to the problem of alcoholism among women. Aamir asserted since he’d skipped the problem in his Television show and focused only on alcoholism among men, he’ll now occupy the women’s issue too.

Well Aamir, we definitely thank you for gesture, & the fact that you invested some time out for such problems that need to be discussed. But we simply couldn’t help but discuss the timing, withP.K. being in the news & all. So, is that this another sly publicity stunt? Wink wink!

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