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Teen (& Adult) Sleuths, Drop Everything! A Nancy Drew TV Show Is Coming
Photo: Simon & Schuster.
Step aside, Huckleberry Finn. Sorry, Elizabeth Bennet. If we had to pick a favorite iconic book character, we're very much leaning toward Nancy Drew. And why not? She's been an influence on some of the sharpest minds of our
Why Algerian Novelist Boualem Sansal’s ‘2084’ is a Sensation in France

Boualem Sansal’s 2084 has become a sensation in France, where it made the longlist for every one of country’s most prestitious literary prizes. Nadia Ghanem reads the book, and its reception, against the backdrop of France’s relationship with Algeria and the aims of

Last week President Obama met with other nations' leaders, including the Russians and European Union member states, at the United Nations in New York to plot a strategy to deal with terrorism, most particularly the malevolent kind represented by the Islamic State (IS). From the sounds

Migrant Deaths at Sea in This Hemisphere Too

We were having a quiet dinner at a Washington hotel when the conversation turned to the deaths at sea of the migrants coming from Africa to Italy.

"This happens all the time in the waters between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and the press never covers it," said the former

Bride of Amman On the ‘Sexual Freedoms and Body Rights’ Tour

Jordanian author-blogger Fadi Zaghmout and translator Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp are set to launch the English translation of Zaghmout’s debut in a tour subtitled “Sexual Freedoms and Body Rights in the Middle East”: 

It’s an eye-catching subtitle, promising a

Gracie's mystical messenger rope week three

By Author: Khadi Madama From the Mystical Messenger Rope: Gracie's Pink Messages for Girls Who Feel Blue.

Featuring the illustrations of artist Fatima Khermane- Fifi-Kawaii.

follow Gracie and her Amazing Adventures on Facebook. 
Swiping Right On Tinder Is About To Mean So Much More
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.  
Dating has never really been as simple as "left" or "right," and it looks like Tinder has finally picked up on that. With the app's latest update, you can go from just Liking that cute redhead to Super Liking

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