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5 Mens Hairstyles for summer 2014

It will not be an overstatement to say that Pakistan has one of the hottest summers in the world. But, we also happen to be the liveliest people and do not believe in letting the sun lower our spirits. And so, here is a list of hairstyles that will make you look

Mansour El Souwaim’s ‘The Last Sultan': A Historical Paradox

It was last November that Adam Talib gave his talk about “Translating for Bigots,” and this May that Africa is a Country wrote about “The Dangers of a Single Book Cover.” There is a lot more to be said about how Arabic literature (in translation) is jacketed, and how this packaging affects how we

Rumor Microsoft Will Remove Desktop From RT   Merging the Windows RT and Windows Phone operating systems will create a touch only world on tablets and smartphones

By Stephen Pate – Windows 9 codenamed Threshold will merge the operating system for all small screen devices to something that works like Windows Phone 8.1. Or so say

How to Avoid Varicose Veins

For those of you readers who still do not know what varicose veins are or are not sure if they have the varicose veins then here is a little something for you. Varicose veins are the veins that become twisted as the vessels of such veins become weak.

There can be numerous cause of the

There will be no more immigrant investor (EB-5) visas for Chinese nationals for the next month, the government has announced – then a fresh supply will come into play.

The Obama administration has been hyping this program for years and the number of applicants has finally bumped into the statutory

Trying to answer the question: What would Americans think about future of levels of immigration if they were given different kinds of information, researchers conducted an experiment. They gave a portion of their larger survey samples (1) no new information — that was the control condition;

Unless it is overturned by a higher authority (or unless I am misreading it completely) the Justice Department's Board of Immigration Appeals has just made a remarkably expansive decision on America's asylum program.

It looks like the BIA has ruled that all abused women, anywhere in the world, are

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