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Recently a BBC Panorama program called "Student Visa Scandal", which exposed cheating in the UK's foreign student system, was called to my attention. It has two strong messages for this side of the water:

  1. U.S. broadcasters: Do some investigative reporting on immigration cheating; and
  2. U.S.

He had a gruff truck driver's voice, with the hint of Scandinavia you sometimes hear in the Upper Midwest, and he had several thoroughly justifiable grievances about how some temporary foreign workers (H-2Bs) were adversely affecting his life.

He also painted a highly nuanced picture of how

The Public Religion Research Institute Strikes Again: The

The Public Religion Research Institute ought to be more careful with both its polling and its commentary on it. It has already put into the public domain a thoroughly misleading poll on the public's preferred choices on immigration reform. That poll gave respondents two options, only one

What Can You Do to Stop Microsoft Spam Emails   A few tips for Windows Live and Hotmail email users to stop spam, scams and hacking

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft claims that it stops 10 million scam, spam and phishing emails a minute.

It’s not enough. I get up to 10 emails a day from people  who

The Oxford Experience: A Summer Learning Program

And that sweet City with her dreaming spires,
She needs not June for beauty’s heightening,
Lovely all times she lies, lovely to-night!
“Thyrsis,” Matthew Arnold, April 1866

A century after Arnold penned those words about the city of Oxford a latter-day pop manifesto urges us to “Open your

30 Pro Magical Makeup Tips

You are now entering the secret beauty file restricting you not to make makeup blunders. Get to know the classified and authentic information freely. To share with you the most amazing beauty tips, secrets, and tricks possible, we contacted the top makeup artists

Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s 2015 Literature Longlist Features Prominent Authors

esterday, Sheikh Zayed Book Award organizers announced the prize’s ten-book longlist for the “literature” category, which comprises both poetry and narrative works:

This year, a number of well-known authors are on the list, including Griffin Prize-winning Palestinian poet

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