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Five Movies to Watch before your Next European Vacation

If you’re planning your next holiday in Europe but don’t know how you’ll get through the time before you leave, it’s a good idea to get settled on the couch with a travel-based film. Make some popcorn, put your comfy pants on, and indulge in a weekend movie marathon — only those

8 Best Men’s Grooming Gadgets

The year 2014 has become the age of “well-groomed” age group. It is right of every human being to groom their body in all respects which consist of clean shave, haircut, and removing of unwanted hair of the body, teeth cleaning, skin polish and etc.

Grooming has become essentail part of

Amazing Eating tips for Autumn

The summer heat has gone and as the temperature moves into the colder temperature bracket, the temptation is to opt us for more stodgy foods. This shift can be harmful and is certain to yield ample gain in weight. Let’s come to your rescue and share some healthy

Upcoming Hybrid Cars

The Basic Need:

Nowadays cars are the basic need of life. It would be impossible to travel to long distances without the wastage of time, without a car. Modern technology has made the world a better place and without it the world will be totally different from what it is now.


Sugar Beet Truck Driver and H-2B Whistleblower Fired in Minnesota

Last week, we reported on how some truck drivers in the sugar refining business were being adversely impacted by H-2B foreign workers.

We did not mention the name of the whistleblower, or even the state where the problem existed. Unfortunately, we can now.

You see, this week Todd

Kamel Daoud’s ‘Meursault’ Among Prix Goncourt’s Final Four, English Rights to Oneworld

Prix Goncourt organizers have announced the final cut, leaving just four titles in the running for the biggest of the French book prizes. Among them is Algerian novelist Kamel Daoud (@daoud_kamel), and English rights for his book Meursault, contre-enquête have been sold to OneWorld

Egyptian Board on Books for Young People Reinventing Itself

The Egyptian Board on Books for Young People (EBBY) has recently re-launched its website and is re-launching itself in a meeting at Balsam Bookstore next month. Why is it time for the twenty-seven-year-old organization to re-envision itself? And should you help?

The EBBY, initially founded in 1987,

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