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The BEST Engagement Rings At Every Price

It’s tradition to set your love in stone. Though when it comes to choosing the one — your engagement ring, that is — there are many factors to consider besides princess or emerald cut. The most important likely being budget. After all, not everyone has unlimited funds to dole

What I Wore: Nice Would be Nice

This summer has been a bit of a letdown…at least weather-wise. Augtober is nearly over, and we maybe had 10 hot sunny days this month. All of this Canadian weather yo-yoing is making me wish I was still in Nice, soaking up the sun, lounging around on the pebbled beach, and eating way too

Inside an Iceland Volcano

In past travels I have climbed through lava tubes, run from blasts of sulfur fumes from active volcanos, have witnessed fiery lava drop with steamy sizzles into the sea….BUT when told by a fellow traveler I could descend 120 meters (400ft) “into” an actual volcano chamber, I guffaw,

5 Mens Hairstyles for summer 2014

It will not be an overstatement to say that Pakistan has one of the hottest summers in the world. But, we also happen to be the liveliest people and do not believe in letting the sun lower our spirits. And so, here is a list of hairstyles that will make you look

Mansour El Souwaim’s ‘The Last Sultan': A Historical Paradox

It was last November that Adam Talib gave his talk about “Translating for Bigots,” and this May that Africa is a Country wrote about “The Dangers of a Single Book Cover.” There is a lot more to be said about how Arabic literature (in translation) is jacketed, and how this packaging affects how we

Rumor Microsoft Will Remove Desktop From RT   Merging the Windows RT and Windows Phone operating systems will create a touch only world on tablets and smartphones

By Stephen Pate – Windows 9 codenamed Threshold will merge the operating system for all small screen devices to something that works like Windows Phone 8.1. Or so say

How to Avoid Varicose Veins

For those of you readers who still do not know what varicose veins are or are not sure if they have the varicose veins then here is a little something for you. Varicose veins are the veins that become twisted as the vessels of such veins become weak.

There can be numerous cause of the

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