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"Borrowing from the boys" is one of those fashion clichés we've never quite understood. Striped tees, destroyed denim, sneakers — isn't that the way most women dress when we're not meeting foreign dignitaries? But, having wardrobes full of unisex pieces doesn't mean men and

Ahhh, the "joys" of flying: being crammed into a teeny, lumpy seat that we paid way too much for; delays, with no chance of making our connection; screaming children throwing food and having tantrums — and stale almonds and rocket-fuel-flavored wine as our only comforts. There has

Crucial Exercises: Bodyweight Pull-Up Variations

1.Bodyweight Pull-up Variations:

One particular exercise a significant proportion of the adult population simply cannot perform is the bodyweight pull-up. If you fall into this category, we’re set to break down the exercise variations available to you so that you can build up your strength in

Prepare Light Pesto Chicken Burgers in only 35 Minutes

Chicken burgers have evolved from the day they were first introduced. The food has acquired numerous variations to make it more deliciousto different ethnicities and cultures. One of the recent additions to the chicken burger is an extremely yummy light pesto sauce.

Light pesto chicken burgers are

Serving in a bridal party is an honor. But, one aspect of this special role runs the risk of turning your bridesmaids' happiness into sheer dread on your special day: the dress. And, rightfully so. Any woman who’s ever walked down the aisle in an ill-fitting,

Even I can’t believe that I finally wore a dress without tights! It’s a Christmas miracle, people!!! Just like that, we went from wet snow to 20+ degree weather…from winter tosummer in a matter of days. Not one to waste a good opportunity, I decided to take my

Yesterday's post described how the Rev. Dan Groody, a Notre Dame theologian and immigration activist, sacralizes immigrants by identifying them with Jesus and the Eucharist. Today I want to relate that teaching to the insights of moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his remarkable book The

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