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Pat Robertson and Feminism   This was just too funny to pass up.

Mr. Robertson has quite a reputation for saying the most absurd things. Just imagine that Wikipedia has an entire article devoted to his outspoken opinions. (see: Pat Robertson controversies)

While it is easy to dismiss this
Falling birth rate? Let's have a baby competition!   The Spies travel agency in Denmark made note of the declining birth rate in the country and came up with a novel plan to turn things around. Making note of how a romantic holiday leads to more sex, they created a competition to create babies. If you can prove you conceived during your vacation

I felt proud to post a no-makeup selfie in pink on social media after I was tagged in photos of other friends who had done the same.  My intention was to grab attention and to remind people about the still prevalent disease - breast cancer.  Little did I know about the controversy

How To Find The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type

All shampoos are not created equal as everyone hair’s has individual differences and needs. Shampoo aisle in markets are filled by a number of shampoos having different lingo which can give youa sensory overload. Shampoo is considered as cleansing agent that is used to clean your hair and scalp

Spring Is Here
In Taiwan where the cherry blossoms came and went but not in North America yet

By Stephen Pate – At the end of one of the longest and coldest winters in recent history, we can only wait for the spring blossoms that arrived in New Taipei City, Taiwan on

The Great No-Shampoo Experiment

It's hard to break up a woman and her favoriteshampoo — they're usually in a committed, long-term relationship. And, if someone tried to take our bottle away from us, they'd have to pry it from our cold, dead hands. Shampoo, it seems, is the path to hair happiness, and we plan to be

Sitting Pretty

Do you ever realize your way of sitting? You may sit crossing legs, knee over knee or in sidesaddle position.Sitting pretty is the reflection of femininity. But what is the pretty of sitting? Sitting pretty means to sit in a proper way. Sitting pretty is typically associated with girly girl and

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