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Let Your Fingers Do The Shopping Black Friday Sale   Avoid the crowds and shop online at Amazon the leader in internet shopping

By Stephen Pate – It’s rarely fun to fight the traffic, parking and crowds at Black Friday Sales. I like to avoid that by getting the best deals online and delivered free to my home.

Amazon is

5 Ways To Stay Calm During A Stressful Thanksgiving Dinner
Photo: Iain Bagwell/ Getty Images.
The holidays are full of delicious food, old friends, and all-too-rare chances to catch up with our families. But they can also be totally anxiety-inducing, especially if we feel like we're walking on eggshells around our beloved family
Your Cat's Grooming Habits Could Help The Mars Rover

Photo: Albanpix Ltd/REX Shutterstock   Turns out, your cat's grooming habits could lead to future scientific breakthroughs.

According to The Huffington Post, David Hu, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology; and his mechanical
Why I Gave Pot A Second Chance
“I’m a planner” is something I say a lot. I use it to explain emailing my friends about making a dinner reservation two months out, or asking for Christmas wish lists in October. "I'm a planner" is accurate, but it’s also a
Same-Sex Couple Thrown In Jail For Holding Hands In Grocery Store
Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/ AP Photo
Of all the things to ruin a vacation, this has to be one of the worst. Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero, a couple from L.A., were on trip to Hawaii in March when an incident with a homophobic cop turned their dream vacation to
Court Orders Henry’s Turkey Service Heirs to Pay Up   The largest EEOC disability discrimination award of $240 million, later reduced to $1.6 million, must be paid said court

EEOC and U.S. Attorney Successfully Intervene in Deal That Would Have Diverted Monies Away From Victims of Discrimination

U.S. District Chief Judge Jorge A.

CBS Affiliate Misrepresents Americans With Disabilities Act

WCCO CBS Minneapolis conveys the false impression bankrupt lawyer was running an ADA disability lawsuit scam

By Stephen Pate – The CBS Minnesota story headline says Lawyer Behind Disabilities Act Lawsuits Declares Bankruptcy.

The headline makes a direct

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