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Toronto Star Lacroix Fight For CBC Or Resign   Hubert Lacroix could follow the advice of his staff and others and resign. His record is dismal.

By: Barry Kiefl, Toronto Star – There’s some good in the CBC’s five-year plan, but also a lot of bad, including the defeatism that has marked network president

Mitt Romney A Book Review In Pictures   Gone but not forgotten “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness”

By Stephen Pate – Instead of my personal views of Mitt Romney’s book, I thought it would be better to bring you the comments of readers from Amazon.com along with one

How to do a perfect pedicure

These hot summer days are fatally disadvantageous to your beauty and skin. With the sun scorching hot shedding nothing short of burning balls of fire down on earth, our skin suffers the most. To lower the effect of heat on our skin and keep that radiant glow going, we indulge ourselves in major

With the recent news that Boeing is planning to squeeze 200 passengers into its high capacity 737 Max 8 that will hit the skies in 2017, I got to thinking about the general unpleasantness of air travel in general.  With that in mind, here is a look at a new patent from the European Patent
Are Face Wipes Healthy for your Skin

Making some unidentified mistakes can be severely detrimental to your skincare routine. Like using a foundation that may not suit your skin tone or texture or a blush that may cause acne on your face, makeup can be extremely tricky sometime. Choosing the right product and knowing its

Home spa tips for this Ramadan

The advent of the Month of Ramadan ul Mubarak in the midst of summer can be pretty coarse for your daily beauty treatment. Throughout the month our effort is to utilize most of our time in prayers and conformity. Anything other than preparing food for a delicious Iftari late in the evening

Disabled Left Out Of Charlottetown’s Canada Day   There are only 5 parking spots reserved for people with disabilities which is totally inadequate

By Stephen Pate – There are 800 to 1,000 parking spots at the Charlottetown Event Centre where Celebration Zone 2014 is putting on the free Canada Day concerts and fireworks.

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