Poor Governance Provoked Komiru Unrest

Komiru residents demonstrate the unlawful killing of their relatives

Komiru residents demonstrate the unlawful killing of their relatives The report in which the parliament is yet to deliberate today is a finding a13 member committee tasked for two weeks to deliver their findings to the House.
The committee found out that; 
• The tragic incident took place in Komiru and not in area 107 inside Munuki; 
• The conflict dates back to 2007 when the people started settling there without permission from the concerned authorities; 
• The plan by the Central Equatoria State authority to carry out demolition without providing an alternative land for settlers to move in provoked resistance by evictee.
• The settlers started blocking the way from Komiru to Juba which prompted the attack on Dak Gwar’s house on Saturday the 3rd March 2012. 
• There was lack of prompt action by the authority to prevent the escalation of conflict;
• Lack of clear line of jurisdiction in urban governance such as the availability of the Juba Strategic plan.
• Lack of clear rules and regulations regarding land administration, and
• Lack of capacity in urban governance at all levels of Government. 

“Being cognizant about the lucrative nature of scarce urban land, it is this apparent gap that is usually exploited by unscrupulous land dealers in absence of any rules and regulations,” the Committee commended.
It raised a number of recommendations calling on the relevant authority in charge of land distribution in the city to come up with clear policies.

The demolition should be suspended until the authorities find an amicable solution, except in strategic locations; and illegal settlements should also be stopped. 

It also recommended that, all those who were involved in committing atrocities to be brought to justice without compromise; the practice of housing organized forces be given a priority in both lodgings and barracks and establishment of police posts in Juba County.

These findings and recommendations came after the committee carried out investigations together with CES government authorities, Ministries of Defence, Interior, and National Security at the site where the incident (Komiru) took place.

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