SA sticks to the ban on rhino hunters

The Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs of South Africa Edna Molewa made an announcement on Thursday regarding the pending applications submitted by Vietnam hunters to allow rhino hunting in South Africa. Molewa informed that they are yet not ready to take back the ban imposed on rhino hunting in the country and thereby cannot accept any of the applications that have been submitted to the office.

Elaborating further on the matter, she confirmed that a total of 23 applications were submitted and she has rejected all of them as the authorities had not been successful in ensuring the government that the hunters will not get involved in the illegal selling of the horns of rhinos, which are a lot more expensive in monetary terms when compared to their weight in gold.

She said, “A majority of the people that are being arrested here, a lot of the permits that are being applied for here, come from Vietnam. No clear record of proper processes that need to be followed.” She said that the number of rhino poaching in the country have reached a new record for the year. Therefore, the government cannot take any further risks.

More than half the applications received by the department are submitted by Vietnamese hunters due to the increase in demand for rhino horns in Vietnam due to the rising level of prosperity in the region.

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