WHO: The Aged At Risk Of Non-Communicable Diseases

At a press conference in the WHO’s conference hall in Juba, Dr. Moses Ongom who is the health system officer said that the world this year on the 7th April is focusing on the elderly.

“The growing number of older people means that more and more people are at risk of Chronic non-communicable diseases like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and dementia,” he said.

They raised concerned over the delivery of health services to the elderly which they said will present new and serious challenges for national health care systems in South Sudan.

As the world commemorates the birth of the World Health Organization, they focus on the old people under the theme “Good health adds life to years”. In a release he read for the celebration today, Ongom said “on this day WHO is calling for urgent action to ensure that, at the time when the world’s population is ageing rapidly, people reach old age in the best possible health”.

Over the past few years, WHO reported that the world has continued its remarkable demographic transition characterized by increased life expectancy. The number of the old people is increasing worldwide, and will continue to rise rapidly in the next decade.

By 2050, WHO predicts that the 80% of the world’s older people will be living in low and middle-income countries with South Sudan inclusive. The World Health Organisation is also concerned about what people eat especially the old people and urge them to do exercise and deviate from smoking for the sake of their health.

They also warned that population ageing could slow down progress in human development unless serious action is initiated now to plan for an environment and services that are conducive to healthy ageing.

With this year’s World Health Day campaign, Dr. Abdi Aden Mohammed who is the head of WHO, South Sudan Office expressed optimism that this country will go beyond awareness-raising, to take concrete action and produce positive change.

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