Armed Robber Killed In Juba During Easter

Col. David Lokonga, the Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council speaking to Gurtong [©Gurtong/ Juma Stephen]

Col. David Lokonga, the Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council speaking to Gurtong [©Gurtong/ Juma Stephen]Lokonga told Gurtong that the gangs were all armed but after being ambushed by the police between Mouna 1 and 2 residential areas, they decided to exchange fire with the police.

“They were six in number; one was shot dead on due course. The police captured one who is currently undergoing treatment and four of them escaped. The one captured will be used to track other accomplices,” Lokonga told Gurtong. 

He explained that, the Easter went on well despite the incident in Juba. “The police are alert and are tracking gangs and robbers in suspected areas in Juba city.” 

He mentioned that criminals terrorizing Juba residents at night hours hide in residential areas that are not under surveillance due to poor roads system that hinders night patrols. 

He pointed out that, Hai Mouna, Jebel and Toping residential areas among others; have poor roads connectivity and have been used by the gangs for operations. 

However, the city council and all security agencies are using applicable mechanisms on how to deal with the matter. He mentioned that of late the City Council and the other agencies have stepped up police patrolling at night to curb the vice. 

“We are organizing the city into quarter councils to ease the administration of effective security. We have already set up four committees that will work with the quarter councils and report to the City Council,” Lokonga explained. 

He said the city has also planned to set up three local courts to deal with crimes mainly in Juba. The National Chief Justice has already approved five judges and three legal advisors for the council. 

Insecurity in Juba has become a challenging threat in the growing city affecting economic growth as it scares away investors. Early this year, the national parliament reported that over 50 innocent civilians were killed last year alone at night by armed robbers. 

Lately, the Speaker of the Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly, Hon. Hassan Gale allegedly said that the police have been reported to be the accomplices of these night armed robberies in Juba and called for joint efforts to reduce insecurity.

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