Armed revolution Imminent in Ivory Coast

After three months of self-imposed retreat in the Golf Hotel, the Ivorian political leader Dramane Ouattara promised days of imminent bloody unrest.
Ouattara backed by troops from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Nigeria. Soro Guillaume the leader of the rebellion is in Dakar to finalize the plot against the Gbagbo regime. In Dakar he held a press conference calling for revolution on February 21, 2011.
As it is known Ouattara does not believe in peaceful social change through protest and demonstration. So his call for revolution will be armed instead of massive protest and demonstration.
According to people very close to Ouattara it is reported that he admires Jonas Savimbi and a reads a lot Mao Tsetung. In this regards, he definitely believes that power remains in guns instead of people.
The history of Angola tells us that Savimbi started is rebellion since 1975 and the 1990s opened a new era in the political landscape with the peace agreement signed in Portugal.
Under the leadership of the United Nations, Angola held it’s first ‘’democratic’’ elections. But these elections failed to restore peace and democracy. For Savimbi triggered a more deadly violent conflict accusing the incumbent president Dos Santos of electoral fraud.
Here in Cote d’Ivoire, as with Savimbi, Ouattara is accusing HE Laurent of electoral hold up. Therefore Ouattara refuses to accept his defeat. Like Savimbi, he has promised to resume war very soon.
Ouattara knows that the revolution undertaken in Tunisia and Egypt cannot work in Côte d’Ivoire, because his minority group can’t undertake massive protests and demonstrations. This is why at the beginning the electoral crisis he is guided by armed revolution instead of revolution led by the people.
Today, the Golf hotel has become a jail for the unfortunate candidate. Mr Ouattara is fed up by the status quo and wants to leave. Even if he leaves the hotel from time to time he is protected by French army and the United Nations troops.. 
As a lazy and fearful opponent Ouattara wants the international community to fight for him. Incredible simply!!

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  1. What a horribly uninformed article written by some journalist based in the North-pole!

    Editor note: We publish stories that contain dissent views.

    Readers can comment_content freely on the site if they disagree with the analysis.

  2. What a strange and highly inaccurate `analysis` on current events in Ivory Coast!

    Daniel, the vast majority of the international community, along with 54% of Ivory Coast people, ackonowledge Ouattara as the winner of last year’s election. Gbagbo is stopping peace and stability. He is the one who introduced street violence to Ivory Coast many years ago. He needs to accept defeat.

  3. I agree with the last comment_content, this analysis is quite embaressing. Especially since the author does not even reference the HALF MILLION votes the consititutional court declared invalcomment_ID, giving Gbagbo a slight majority (51%).

  4. Which rock does Mr. Ozoukou live under??? I have never such miss-information and the article should be removed from the site. It is quite, quite embarrassing.

    Editor note: We publish stories that contain dissent views.

    Readers can comment_content freely on the site if they disagree with the analysis.

  5. I think its more than just a “dissenting” opinion. Its just poor journalism. It doesn’t even reference that there are uncertainties surrounding the election, it just assumes that Gbagbo won an outright majority. I mean I appreciate a dissenting opinion, this is rather a ranting of unintelligible observations.

    Editor Note: Author of this article will address all comments.

    You are free to express your opinions or comment_content addressed to the author who rescomment_IDes in Ivory Coast.

    Thank you

  6. The author of this article doesn’t know anything about Ivory Coast or the current situation. I’m a writer based in Abcomment_IDjan, I know what I’m talking about.I wasted by time reading this article.

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