Canada Election 2011: NDP’s Orange Wave comes to shore

At some point a blip, becomes a trend, becomes a wave, we are now in the latter as it relates to the NDP. I’m approaching this post as a Canadian, not a Liberal, because to be quite honest, any development that signifies a weakened Bloc, no longer holding Canadian politics hostage, is completely positive in my books. I’ll leave my political thoughts for what has transpired for a later date, but right now any student of history has to be amazed to see the tectonic shifts now occurring in Quebec. Still a question of voter booth manifestation, hesitations about actually seats, but something is afoot in Quebec, and it is now having national ramifications.

The CROP poll may peg NDP support a tad high, unlike others, I’ve never taken it as the "gospel" poll for Quebec. That said, CROP really isn’t different, in the sense all the polls show an NDP gaining traction. That Duceppe is now consumed with Layton, tells you all you need to know about the polls, the NDP may well have reached that "tipping point", wherein some buzz, leads to more attention, and the cyclical momentum just feeds to a frenzy. Looking at this morning’s Nanos, you can see how buzz in Quebec, positive news stories about one region can spill elsewhere. a party on the move in one province, never a bad thing elsewhere, particularly for a party always fighting for ink.

I suspect we will see a few more shifts in the final days of this campaign, but tearing off my partisan sheath here, I’m honestly excited that someone is actually threatening the Bloc in this way, it’s about bloody time. Certain NDP flirtations disturb me, pandering policies just that, but on balance a NDP MP is a tremendous improvement over a Bloc MP, in some many ways. I still haven’t fully digested how this rapid NDP rise affects our political order moving forward, but there is no question it is BEYOND fascinating to watch unfold. The blip, become a trend and now we are witnessing a wave, it’s what every war room must dream about… Let’s see where it goes, but there is no longer any denying it’s real and firming up as well.

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