Canada Election 2011: Canadians flock to advance polls in record numbers

It would appear all the anecedotal evidence was spot on, Canadians went to the advance polls in droves:

•According to the preliminary figures, 2,056,001 electors voted at the advance polls in this federal general election. This is a 34.5% increase from the 1,528,780 electors who voted in advance in the 40th general election in 2008.

•Over 676,000 Canadians voted on Friday and over 823,000 on Monday, representing the two (2) busiest days of advance voting ever.

"There was a higher than expected turnout this past weekend at the advance polls," said Marc Mayrand. "We thank voters for their patience and field staff for their responsiveness."

Here is a rundown, province by province:

Hard to say what this turnout means. Premature to say overall turnout will be up considerably, but a very GOOD sign indeed. I note all the experts tell us lower turnout is Harper’s friend, so infer from that what you will. I’m just happy that people are voting, no matter your persuasion, it’s a net positive for our democracy.

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