Canada Election 2011: Layton headed for PM

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Canada headed for real change this election
NANOS poll April 27, 2011 7 AM

The weekend polling is now confirmed by NANOS who show Jack Layton and the NDP trending strongly upward at 28% of decided voters with the Tories down to 38% and the Liberals down to 23%.
This follows polls on Monday and Tuesday that predicted up to 100 seats for the NDP which is a startling turnaround.
When you’re hot you’re hot. Momentum in elections is everything and the only leader with momentum is Jack Layton.

Angus Reid
 shows an even weaker Tory lead at 35%, the Liberals at 22% and the NDP strongly at 30%.
Canadians are fed up with the bickering in Ottawa and seem to want someone new.
With a little more momentum, Layton could destroy Harper’s dream of a majority government. The next and most obvious choice of Prime Minister will be Layton leading a coalition of NDP and Liberals. That may be anathema to Harper but most Canadians like the idea.
Prime Minister Harper is not losing his core support but disaffected Progressive Conservatives and Liberals are leaving for the NDP.
This may be the first Canadian election where the internet and social media have played a big role in swinging the vote.
Young people who are Internet habitués with Facebook and Twitter had been dominating the posts with anti-Harper messages.  On the Internet it’s anyone but Harper – Globe and Mail
They are posting witty videos that mock Harper on Facebook, like ShitHarperDid
I saw this trend almost from the start. I have 1,700 Facebook friends and 800 Twitter followers, plus 40,000 people on this blog monthly. Most of the Facebook posts and Tweets have been against Harper.
The Yoko Ono story went viral the day it was posted.
We saw this happen during the PEI provincial election in 2007 when we started NJN Network.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network 

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  1. Good thing most of those facebook and twitter anti Harper posters are probably just internet posers that like to stir up the pot but cant be bothered to actually get up and go and vote.

  2. @markus…I think you are greatly underestimating us “internet posers that like to stir up the pot but can’t be bothered to actually get up and go and vote”.

    The NDP has kicked a TON of @$$ this campaign. Harper is scared right now. And I am happy to see that. Maybe now he knows how all of us “average Canadians” have been feeling since his regime. Bye bye Harper!

  3. why the heck do we want a change;look back what Bob Ray dcomment_ID to Ontario,Well Canadians are and always will be stupcomment_ID,

  4. Well, it looks like most Canadians DO NOT like the comment_content_IDea of a coalition government with Jack Layton leading it. In fact it appears the NDP votes were more a vote against Ignatieff than a vote for Layton.

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