Dr. Arthur Porter, Canada’s top spy watchdog resigns

Dr. Arthur Porter, Canada’s top spy watchdog resigned on Thursday. Porter was recently working out a business deal with an infamous international lobbyist and his own close ties to the president of Sierra Leone.

Apparently, Porter was recently introduced to a Montreal company, Dickens & Madsen, by an associate who told him that the firm had opportunities to secure infrastructure backing in an African country, Sierra Leone, which is wracked by a decade old civil war.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said: “Dr. Porter has submitted his resignation to me, and I have accepted it, effective immediately.”

Porter is also an oncologist and hospital administrator who was federally appointed chairman of the Security and Intelligence Review Committee. The committee acts as a watchdog of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“That is a complete conflict of interest and it raises the specter of the potential for foreign influence in Canadian affairs — sensitive Canadian affairs,” said Wesley Wark, a specialist in the history of intelligence services and national security policy at the University of Toronto. “The simple fact that someone is on the one hand serving in a very sensitive Canadian position, and on the other hand holds an appointment — however honorific — for a foreign government, is just not ‘on.’”

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  1. The Harper gov is doing an excellent job of bashing its own future and the future of Canada and young Canadians totally to death… all on its own.

    Ideology will paint a target on this regime’s head, as history shows it has done to corrupt regime after corrupt regime, time and time again. e

    A sane and happy human will ignore the failure of misgucomment_IDed comment_content_IDeology because they are sane and happy…. make the same humans angry and test our patience and sanity, and we will look for the cause of what went wrong, and we will blame that cause and hold it accountable… because we will be angry enough to take it that far and crazy enough to not let it drop…

    Harper is ensuring his downfall, by acting on blind comment_content_IDeologies and angering EVERYONE to the eventual point of action, with no turning back…

  2. Harper is just testing out his “controlled destruction of Canadian society” on a small scale first… you see, he creates the problems by heavy handed neglect, tests his own agenda and ensures his own interests, and then swoops in with peanuts and looks like a hero.

    Harper’s actions demonstrate that his agenda will only serve to bring about increased neglect of Canada and Canadians, on an international level he doesn’t even want to call the Canadian Government by it’s legally mandated name, ‘The Government of Canada’; such contempt, such pettiness, such un-intelligence and arrogance.

    Harper created this mess to see if he can control it on a larger scale…. he will be the undoing of Canada, and he is starting with it’s legally given and accepted name first.


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