G20 Summit Security CCTV being installed

In preparation for the G20 Summit, security measures are being undertaken to ensure the safety of all those who live and visit our city.

The installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras has started throughout the downtown core. These cameras are in addition to those already in place by the Toronto Police Service.

These additional cameras will support the G20 security measures and will be monitored during the course of the event. The additional CCTV cameras will be removed at the completion of the G20.

CCTV can be defined as an electronic monitoring system that makes use of video cameras, connected by means of a “closed” (non-broadcast) circuit to capture, collect, record and/or relay visual information about an event unfolding in a given area over time.

A list of the CCTV locations will be released to the public once their installation is complete.

From the outset, we have said that there will be nothing secret about the cameras. They will observe public spaces only. Prominent signs announcing their presence will be posted at each intersection.

The Toronto Police Service is aware of the privacy concerns associated with the use of CCTV cameras. We will continue to work very closely with the Privacy Commissioner with respect to those issues.

The 2010 G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit has the mandate to ensure safe and secure summits in Huntsville and Toronto in June 2010 for all participants, visitors and residents. The ISU is comprised of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Peel Regional Police and the Canadian Forces.

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