LeBreton Challenges Sen. Duffy to Table Expenses Memo

The former Senate leader for the Conservatives, Majory LeBreton, has publicly announced that she intends to challenge Senator Mike Duffy to present a memo he claims was authored by her giving him assurance that his housing expense claims were in accordance with Senate rules.  Majory LeBreton explained that she intends to request Duffy to table the memo (email), which he claims was addressed by her soon after his appointment to the Senate. Duffy has alleged that the memo assures him about his claim to be a P.E.I. resident.

All embattled senators including Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau have chosen to fight against a motion filed by Conservative senators to have them suspended without pay and benefits for “gross negligence” while inappropriately claiming Senate expenses. Motions seeking possible suspensions of the three senators will continue being debated by senators on Thursday.

Duffy had been claiming expenses for his Ottawa home for four years, since he officially enlisted his primary residence is in P.E.I., i.e. the province he represents in the Senate. Duffy’s lawyer, Donald Bayne, announced during a press conference held on Monday that the email sent by LeBreton was written in response to Duffy’s query about whether he could claim expenses for his Ottawa home. He read the text, asserting that “given that the Senate is the master of its own house in terms of the qualifications, it is also right to assume that they, the Senate, can define precisely what residence constitutes.” Bayne refused to read the entire email or provide a copy to reporters.

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