Rob Ford accuses Toronto Star of bias

Rob Ford accuses Toronto Star of bias. Email to supporters below:

The Toronto Star has sunk to a new low in an effort to sink our campaign.

We’ve already seen them print personal smear pieces about Rob, and even when presented with evidence proving they were false, they refused to retract their outright lies.

Since then, computers in a Toronto Star office were used to edit an online encyclopedia entry about Rob with links to attack blogs and malicious information.

We expected the race to get nasty in the final month, and have been preparing for attacks from our opponents. We didn’t, however, think that we’d have a major newspaper openly working against the democratic process and pursuing an agenda to stop Rob Ford from becoming Mayor.

But that’s exactly what’s happening. Yesterday, the Toronto Star printed an article demanding that Rocco Rossi, Sarah Thomson, and Joe Pantalone drop out of the race to support George Smitherman and defeat Rob.

The arrogance of the Toronto Star to think that they can tell Toronto voters how to vote is unbelievable. Their clear biases and transparent agenda will fail, because this elitist attitude is exactly what Toronto voters are sick of, and one of the reasons why they are supporting Rob Ford in greater numbers every day.

It’s clear that the Toronto Star and our opponents will stop at nothing in their attempts to prevent Rob Ford from being elected Mayor. Those who benefit from the gravy train and want to continue David Miller’s tax and spend agenda will no doubt show us the dirtiest campaigning in Canadian political history before this election is over.

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