MPS officer George Alleway saves a man from drowning in Thames river

A brave officer has been praised for saving a man from drowning in the River Thames.

PC George Alleway of the Metropolitan Police Service based in Kingston was called to an address by concerned residents at the Quayside,

Kingston at approx 0245hrs on Saturday, 12 February after a man in his 30’s was reported to be in a distressed state.

PC Alleway, accompanied by Special Constable James Newbury and PCSO Kevin Byres rushed to the river and noticed a body floating face down in the river approximately ten metres from a nearby jetty.

Assessing the situation, convinced that swift action was essential, and ensuring a buoyancy aid was available, quick-thinking PC Alleway, an experienced swimmer, entered the water.

Having reached the motionless body, he placed the man’s head on his shoulders and returned to the jetty. The 6ft 7inch man was helped from the water by PCSO Byres and Special Constable Newbury and attempts to resuscitate him began immediately.

After several chest compressions and assisted breaths the man began to show signs of life and was put into the recovery position.

London Ambulance Service attended and the man was taken to a south London hospital where he is said to be making a good recovery.

"The response of our team was exemplary," said Inspector Iain Lewis of Kingston. "It was 02.45 in the morning, the river was icy and the man could not swim.

"Had it not been for their speedy, and in the case of PC Alleway brave, actions I think that this story would have had a tragic ending.

"PC Alleway has already been personally praised by Kingston Borough Commander, Martin Greenslade, for his heroic actions."

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