The Dutch prime minister’s residence and the Labour Party

The Dutch electorate by seven weeks, eventually failed, went Catshuis negotiations. Whether this failure is due to the lack of substantive agreement or electoral considerations I leave in the middle.The Black Peter for the failure lies with the PVV that dominance will probably never obtain them under Rutte I could do. The PVV is turned off for the future as gedogende government party, the alternatives for a future coalition government drastically.

New elections were called and then had 30 april a letter to Brussels, where the main lines of Dutch budget for 2013 should be. If that letter does not materialize, the Netherlands against a fine of 1.2 billion euros starting. Nobody wondered whether Brussels would be willing, given the collapse of the government, two weeks waiting for that letter so that a proposed agreement with other parties could be sought. That was apparently the honor after Rutte and De Jager previously as elephants were walked by the Brussels poceleinkast, left and right with the trunk clapping to financial sinners. Then of course you can count on little leniency as you need some elbow room.

And when were the saviors of the fatherland on: Pechtold, Sap and Slob. They "take responsibility and" jumped on their shadow. " The biggest nonsense PVV was deleted from the prime minister's residence appointments. Nature got what, what was the care, education and even got some for purchasing securities by CBP were counted followed by a triumphant presentation in the House.

If they are in Brussels is one thing to count. Olli Rehn (EU Commissioner for Economy and Finance) will soon come to the conclusion that if the elections produce a loss of three seats for the five parties that the April letter supporting the parliamentary majority is lost. The budget for 2013 presented in September may look different than the letter. That budget would bv can target a deficit of 3% of GDP in 2015 which according to many economists smarter. When Greece in a similar position wrong the EU requested a written guarantee that the agreements of the opposition after the elections would be fulfilled. Get PvdA, SP PVV and now such a request? And if GL is so capturing? If not, what's the point of the letter april? Brussels as the expiration date of the letter will stretch we get a nice political spectacle.

It is unclear what happens in the corridors of the House has played in the formulation of the April letter. If the story of Samson PvdA leader's true that he only became involved in discussions when the block of 77 seats around the case has already had, he rightly thanks for the honor. There may be a parliamentary majority under pressure not negotiable. And Pechtold was keenly aware that the majority even without the Labour Party all at table. If nothing substantial can be achieved, it is better to continue to sail its own course, especially now that the Labour Party get their own picture of the way that the Netherlands should go. Pepper, Asher and other plush conscious PvdA accused Samson that he had missed the battle. But which stroke? With such friends, you do not need enemies.

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