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A Political ‘Perfect Storm’

Is the United States heading into — indeed, has it already launched — a new war in the Middle East? Like so much else in Iraq and Syria (not to mention Washington) the answer is far from clear-cut. Put another way, there is both more and less to America’s new war against Isil than meets the eye.

Iran Fills Key Role in Battling Islamic State in Iraq

In an isolated corner of northeastern Iraq, a foreign power has been a crucial contributor in a little-noticed front against the militant Islamic State – and it’s not the United States.

At his office here, Mala Bakhtiar, military supervisor of the Kurdish /peshmerga/ forces and a local politician,

The Military Capabilities of Iran   With some of the former members of the Coalition of the Willing rattling their sabres now that ISIS/ISIL/IS has claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of another Westerner, it is interesting to note that threat of ISIS has brought Saudi Arabia and Iran closer together since both nations need

Iran and the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, officially referred to as the E3+3 or E3/EU+3) agreed to extend the nuclear negotiations for another four month until 24 November 2014 in the hope of reaching a comprehensive agreement.

Aside from

Kissinger on Iran: Belts, Empires, and Getting it Wrong

Henry Kissinger may be the grand old man of US foreign policy, but when it comes to understanding Iran, his analytical skills have begun to fade. In his NPR discussion with Scott Simon, broadcast Sept. 6, Kissinger got it monumentally wrong. One can only be grateful he is no longer making policy.


IAEA Report Casts a Shadow Over a Fair Prospect

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued its latest quarterly report on Iran. The IAEA Board will consider the Sept. 5 report during the week of Sept. 15.

Much initial comment has centred on signs that the process launched on Nov. 11, 2013, when the IAEA and Iran agreed on a

Iran sent new signals on Tuesday that it was seeking to subvert the Western sanctions on its contentious nuclear energy program, adding uncertainties in advance of another round of negotiations next week in New York before the United Nations General Assembly.

The Iranians said they had been engaged

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