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Oye! News from Middle East

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, a Wily King Who Embraced Limited Reform, Dies

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the sixth king of Saudi Arabia, has died at age 90, state television announced. A master politician, he gained a reputation as a reformer without changing his country’s power structure and maintained good relations with the United States while striking an independent

The outrageous murder of innocent citizens in France by militant Muslims left everyone around the world, including the vast majority of followers of Islam, with a number of questions. Among these, the most fundamental coming from the non-Muslims: Is Islam incompatible with free thinking? Let us not

Cuba and Iran: A New Era for American Diplomacy?

President Obama has taken charge of “trying something different” with Cuba and Iran by initiating discrete and patient diplomatic approaches with two of America’s most entrenched adversaries. He seeks to replace policies that have failed to achieve America’s objectives. The President has

Since September 11th, 2001, governments around the world have taken steps to reduce the threat of terrorism and, as we found out through the revelations of Edward Snowden, many of these actions include reductions to our privacy.  While we generally concern ourselves with how Western nations
The Growing Threat of al-Qaeda and Its Affiliates   With terrorism and terrorists making headline news relatively frequently over the past few months, it appears like terrorism is on the rise again, 13 years after the "War on Terror" began.  Is it our imaginations or is it a fact that al-Qaeda, the world's major motivator of

President Hassan Rouhani did the unthinkable. At Iran’s first annual National Economy Conference on Sunday, he threatened the country’s hardliners with a referendum. “It will be good to, after 36 years, even for once, or even every 10 years if we implement this principle of the Constitution,

ISIS Instructional Guide for the Treatment of Female Slaves    Thanks to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), we have a translation of a document that was posted on an ISIS  Until a link to this document was posted, like most of us, I had not heard about MEMRI.  MEMRI, a non-partisan, non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C.

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