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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 01:45 AM
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Oye! News from Middle East

America's Destiny with Iraq    With the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon upon us. I wanted to take a look back in time at some of the events of the day, particularly how quickly the events led to the very lengthy and spectacularly unsuccessful "War on
Algerian Journalist Jailed for Facebook Poem and Posts Reportedly in a Coma

Journalist Mohamed Tamalt, who has been in prison in Algeria since June 27, serving a two-year sentence for Facebook posts and a poem that insulted the country’s president, is reportedly in a coma:

According to Watan.Com, Tamalt was taken to intensive care following a

The Islamic State and Body Parts    While the fight against ISIS/ISIL rarely appears on the front pages or headline stories of the mainstream except in cases where there appears to be a link between ISIS/ISIL and a terrorist attack, an interesting fatwa or legal Islamic declaration has been released by the ISIL Committee of
Not Forgetting Ashraf Fayadh

Today is a Day of Creativity for Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh, serving eight years and 800 lashes in Saudi Arabia for the alleged apostasy in his collection Instructions Within: 

Graffiti for Ashraf in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“I am scared to be forgotten.”

Poet Dareen Tatour Returned to Prison; New Hearing Today

As Israeli politicians continue to spin over a poem Mahmoud Darwish wrote in 1964, Dareen Tatour — who was set to return to her own village outside Nazareth yesterday, to continue her house arrest in a family home — was remanded instead to prison:

Photo: Zahi Khamis.

Hillary Clinton and Libya Sending A Message to Bashar al-Assad    I searching through the Clinton server emails, that you can find here (thanks to Wikileaks) I stumbled on this email that quotes an article by David W. Lesch, an American expert on Syria and a professor of Middle East History at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  The email was sent

Honduras' National Registry of Persons (RNP) confirmed that hundreds of Palestinian, Syrian, and citizens of other Arab nations were fraudulently registered as Honduran citizens. As a result, these foreigners can then acquire Honduran passports, which can be used to apply for visas to enter

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