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As the terrorist attack in Paris sparks worldwide fear of similar reprisals and a bloody shootout and hostage situation in a five-star Mali hotel exacerbates those concerns, global energy security reels under the pressure of unfathomable geopolitics. In an exclusive interview with,
The Conundrum in Syria   It is increasingly becoming apparent that the current situation in Syria and Iraq is complex beyond belief as we can see on this diagram from Think Progress:     There are so many players in the game that it is almost impossible to tell which group is on
In Issue 7 of Dabiq, the official magazine of ISIS (and a rather glossy and gory one at that), an essay entitled "The Extinction of the Grayzone" outlines ISIS' game plan.  When reading this essay that was published shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, it becomes
Defecting from the Islamic State   The recent attacks that appear to be the work of ISIS show that the group may well be capable of wider-reaching international terrorism.  While the Islamic State publicly appears to show a unified front, in fact, a recent study by the International Centre for the Study of
Ayatollah Khamenei, Trust and the P5+1 Nuclear Deal   A recent letter from Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to Iran's President Hasan Rouhani sheds light on his verdict about the recent Iran/P5+1 nuclear deal.  Before we look at the letter, I'd like to provide you with a bit of background on Iran's political landscape which will
The Collapse of Post-Qaddafi Libya   While the media focusses on Libya through the Benghazi and Hillary Clinton lenses, the current geopolitical situation in Libya is basically ignored.  While the leaders of the West dreamt of dispatching the despot of Libya to the hereafter, it has turned out that Libya and Libyans were far
The Islamic State and Its Geographic Motivation   I am hoping that this posting will help us all to better understand that geopolitical meddling by the world's most powerful nations can have long-term and unforeseeable impacts. This is particularly the case in the Middle East where over a century of interference by the colonial powers has

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