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Can Iran Transparency Overcome Covert Nuclear Past?

A recurrent issue regarding Iran’s nuclear programs is how to address its history of covert nuclear activities, including efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Earlier this month, 354 members of US Congress sent Secretary of State John Kerry a letter warning that “Iran’s willingness to fully

Can the Iraqi Army Regroup in Time to Repel the Islamic State?

Desert winds blew through the sides of the makeshift tent, bringing dust and some relief from the heat to the soldiers inside at this Iraqi Army staging area 45 miles north of Baghdad.

They were in an optimistic mood: After two days of shelling fighters of the self-declared Islamic State (IS) group

Iraq A Failed Nation Building Experiment    Now that it looks like war of one sort or another has reappeared on the Iraqi stage, I wanted to take a look back at a publication by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) entitled "Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience".  This report covers the
Iran Nuclear Talks: Why Tehran Must be Brought in From the Cold

In Iran a few weeks ago I travelled with my 11-year-old son from Tehran to the ancient fire temple at Takht-e Soleymān, not far from the Iraqi border. At no time during our journey – part of which was made in a clean, comfortable, Chinese-made train – did we feel anything but safe. Our only

There’s Going To Be A Gold Rush If Sanctions On Iran Are Lifted, But America Could Miss Out

With US-Iranian nuclear negotiations reaching their deadline this November, business around the world are waiting in nervous anticipation to re-engage with one of the world’s largest economies.

Even with heavy sanctions, Iran was the world’s 21st largest economy two years ago. The country is rich

The Destruction of Mecca

When Malcolm X visited Mecca in 1964, he was enchanted. He found the city “as ancient as time itself,” and wrote that the partly constructed extension to the Sacred Mosque “will surpass the architectural beauty of India’s Taj Mahal.”

Fifty years on, no one could possibly describe Mecca as ancient,

The Fight Against the Islamic State Must Include Iran

If President Obama truly wants to degrade and destroy the Islamic State, he must find a way to collaborate with Iran — the one great power in the Middle East with which the United States is still at odds. Engagement with Iran — while hard and complicated — would be a strategic

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