MQM Haqiqi leader Akhtar Hussain gunned down in Karachi

The ongoing politi-mafia gang war and target killing spree in Karachi took another turn today when Akhtar Hussain, vice-chairman of MQM Haqiqi (Aafaq Ahmed group), was gunned down at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, near Bahadurabad today.

Akhtar Hussain and an accomplice were killed while couple of passerby including a woman and kid were injured when the car containing MQM-H was fired upon. Assailants managed to escape as usual, despite presence of significant police force in the area.

Last year Sohail Anjum, another prominent leader of MQM Haqiqi (Aafaq group) and lawyer for Aafaq Ahmed was murdered in similar circumstances on the same road. Strangely the taxi driver at that time, who was also killed in the attack, was called Akhtar Hussain.

Parts of Gulshan-e-Iqbal were shut down for the whole day today as MQM workers mourned a member of their Unit 67-C who was killed today in the vicinity.

While the madness and mayhem goes on, there is no one to be held accountable and people of Karachi don’t know how many will fell prey to these rabid dogs.

Ironically, MQM wishes to expand to Punjab and other parts of Pakistan but it has miserably failed to keep its home base in order.

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