Meera Solanki launches FUSIA

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happenin’?

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happenin’?

The new Fusia magazine celebrating Female, Fusion and Asia was launched!

That’s what’s a happenin’!

On June 10, at the fashionable Veritas lounge in downtown Toronto, Meera Solanki finally gave life to her passion of launching a magazine given to women, fusion and Asia- Fusia- featuring on its cover none other than Sitara Hewitt, ‘sitara’ of ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’. In keeping with the name, the venue was draped in the colour fuchsia. Even the welcome drink was fuchsia in colour and so was Meera’s dress. Fuchsia, Fusia, everywhere! Needless to say the venue was packed to capacity with the appreciative crowd mixing and mingling as Kama Entertainment, dancer Bageshree Vaze and singer Deesha entertained the crowd. Pooja Handa of CP24, also featured in the magazine, was the hostess for the evening.

‘Fusia is freedom, faith, fascination. Fusia is fun, fearless and fabulous. Fusia is about celebrating and redefining our femininity and being completely unapologetic about it” Meera says.

“Fusia is not just about fashion and lifestyle; it also touches upon various serious issues such as dowry and the caste system. It also talks about human trafficking, honour killings and domestic violence,” she continues.

So we can expect a magazine that will be both business and pleasure. It will be available at Chapters, Indigo and newsstands from June 14 onwards.

She concludes “No man is an island- well, the woman is the ultimate resort!”

Let’s give it up for Meera!

Click HERE to view the pictures from the event

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