Canada Election 2011: Liberal health care ad

Truer words have never been spoken. The upside, all the Conservative whining and moaning turned the Liberal health care ad into THE story, the more attention the better.

The Ignatieff quote is a thesis I’ve subscribed to for years, very much a bully that kicks sand, but if nary a grain gets in his/her own eye, runs to mommy blubbering. It’s an amazing group characteristic, generalizing of course, and maybe it’s what binds the right in this country. I note a study down last week in the U.S. that found brain distinctions between right and left, those on the right more prone to paranoia, which is an extension of this "everyone is out to get us" mentality that permeates through every issue. The left wing media, out to destroy, civil servants out to usurp, people lurking in crowd ready to ask a question, everywhere you turn, the common thread exists.

The reaction to the Liberal ad, the indignation that the Conservatives have been wronged by a quote they themselves thought dear Leader said, is a hilarious concoction of Conservative sensibilities. I enjoyed the attention, so it was all good from my perspective. But, the sheer GALL on display from Conservatives, as I say, like a skunk complaining about the smell, was remarkable. This is the party running lying ads everywhere, all day, no basis in fact, everyone agrees and yet the moment return fire comes, they CRY foul. At least the Liberal health care ad represents the spirit of Harper’s thoughts, and that explains why nobody say fit to have a fit for days, it wasn’t really off at all. Contrast that with ads that talk about non existent taxes, and all the more comical the INDIGNATION from this band of epic hypocrites.

Sometimes I think modern conservatism is more a psychology thesis on group think. Again, generalizing, but there is almost a bloody theorem to what should be subjective reaction, so predictable. Ignatieff’s quote, "they can dish it out, but they can’t take it" is a thread that finds constant concrete example. Look at the election coverage, evidence of a Conservative media lean, but this movement is convinced everyone is out to get them. Watching Conservatives become unglued over the Liberal health care ad is quite typical, immediately the victim. Maybe it’s because this sensibility really isn’t the mainstream, it’s always been on the margins, so wider society as a whole is somehow the enemy because it doesn’t share their view of the world. Whatever, but one thing is clear, a whiny Conservative is a study in contradictions.

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  1. The same thing that you wrote about the right can be sacomment_ID about the left.
    The far left and the far right have the same problem, they think that only they are correct, they both act like bullies and snobs and they both lead to bad policy.

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