Brian Mulroney needs to write $2.1 million cheque to Canadian taxpayers

Justice Oliphant says Mulroney mislead the court into making $2.1 million award

The polite but damming report from Justice Oliphant makes it clear that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney deceived the court in 1996. In Justice Oliphant’s Final Statement, he said Mulroney essentially lied to win his $50 million lawsuit against the Federal Government.

Since it is clear Mulroney lied under oath and his lies caused the government to settle for $2.1 million, it’s time for Mulroney to return the settlement.

Mulroney’s reputation is in tatters. He will probably go down as one of Canada’s most corrupt politicians. People are forgiving when misdeeds are admitted and sincere apologies given. Mulroney needs to do the right thing.

“I find that Mr. Mulroney acted inappropriately in failing to disclose his dealings with Mr. Schreiber and the payments he received when he gave evidence at his examination before plea in 1996,” said Justice Oliphant in his statement that accompanied the 800 page report.

“I find that Mr. Mulroney failed to take advantage of each and every other opportunity he had to disclose his business and financial dealings with Mr. Schreiber. That failure is tantamount to inappropriate conduct on the part of Mr. Mulroney.”

Mulroney sued the Federal government claiming the RCMP investigation of kickbacks in the Airbus Affair had damaged his reputation.

The RCMP had requested bank records from Swiss police regarding certain secret Swiss bank accounts. The accounts were suspected of being used to hold funds Mulroney received as kickbacks from influence peddler Karlheinz Schreiber. Schreiber was a successful lobbyist in the the sale of Airbus planes to Air Canada. The purchase was said to have been influenced by Schreiber’s secret payments to Mulroney.

Schreiber later corroborated the payments but Mulroney swore under oath to the Court in 1996 that he had no business dealings with Schreiber.

That was not true according to Oliphant and Mulroney’s own testimony. Mulroney admitted to taking $225,000 in cash from Schreiber for undetermined services. Schreiber in his lawsuit claimed the amount was $300,000. Oliphant said he couldn’t believe the testimony of either man.

When your sworn testimony is misleading, deceitful or contrived it might be called perjury. The common man calls is lying.

Mulroney’s testimony that he had no relationship with Schreiber in 1996 ended his lawsuit. The Government of Canada paid him a settlement of $2.1 million. Mulroney claimed he was fighting for his name and his family. Lying in court is not appropriate for any gentleman.

Mulroney will probably not return any money without a fight. He has proven himself to be a tenacious and legalistic man who will stoop to nothing in his bid for personal power and wealth.

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  1. Well, Mulroney is a liar… imagine that.

    I think when you have a PM that vacates the position under the spectre of scandal and then profits from that scandal and further from damaging of his already dubious reputation, we should be less than surprised.

    $2.1 million? I believe we’re due interest on that amount as well.

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