Only outdated Android smartphones available from Telus, Bell and Rogers in Canada

 If you want an Android smartphone in Canada be prepared to accept last year’s models from Telus, Bell and Rogers


We may be a month late getting the latest iPhone 4G in Canada but that’s nothing compared to the year long wait for the hottest Android phones. Latest industry numbers say Android sales are outstripping the iPhone but Canadian phone vendors are fast asleep.
The hot smartphones using the Android operating system that compare with the Apple iPhone 3G3 and iPhone 4 are the EVO 4G, Droid X, Droid Incredible and Desire.  When Android 2.2 is updated on those phones they may even be better than the iPhone.  Recent tests of Android 2.2 look better than Apple.
Why Android?
In the US, customers want the Android phones to avoid the spotty service on AT&T and to get an open phone that will allow them to use Flash and other open standards. In Canada, three carriers have the iPhone so service isn’t as big an issue.
Many Canadians, this one included, are tired of Apple’s control over what we can see, hear and do. At least 10 times a day, my Apple iPad and iPhone would stop me from watching a video or downloading a free song. Apple wants you to pay for everything through the iTunes store.
That can add up. I’ve spent over $100 a month for music and videos during the past two months all because of  restrictions by Steve Jobs.  The cost of the phone and monthly service is the thin edge of the wedge with Apple.  

Canadian choice is no choice at all
Canadians will have to wait to find out about Android. Bell Mobility is running cool looking TV commercials for the HTC phone that turns out to be the also-ran HTC Legend. Bell is teasing they will soon launch the Samsung Galaxy S which is a new generation and “hot” phone.
Over at Telus, which has been renamed Belus for it’s tight connection with Bell, they offer the HTC Hero. The Hero was released last summer and is essentially dead in the ever changing smartphone market.  Telus are charging $499 for this out of date phone.  You can buy one on eBay unlocked for less than $200.
Rogers has the HTC Magic for $550 which is silly since this phone isn’t even in competition with the iPhone. It has a slow processor, small screen and last years 3.2 megapixel camera. It should be $99 in the remainder bin.
If you are using an Android phone in Canada, let is know what it is and your impressions.

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  1. I am soooo frustrated with the slow adoption of Androcomment_ID devices from the service provcomment_IDers in Canada. I have an HTC dream from Rogers running Androcomment_ID 1.6 (how crap is that?!) I bought it as soon as it was available a year and a half ago and now I need to replace it so I can get OS 2.1 or 2.2 when it becomes avail to Canucks

    I would happily spend money on a new Androcomment_ID phone, but can’t even buy a recent model for Rogers. I refuse to be a slave to the Apple Corp. Get your shit together Rogers!!!!!

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