Street Corners for Pro Choice, Part 2

So I have done a mass amount of work today for this protest tomorrow. My friend and I went to the dollar store and got bristol board and paint. Then to Home Depot to get an 8′ piece of 2×1, which my brother cut into 2′ pieces and screwed onto foam boards for me. All in all, we spent about $25 on supplies. The reaction of the anti’s when we show up? Priceless.
So we have 4 double-sided signs. I have no idea if we will have support, but I don’t care. We each have two hands. The biggest hurdle is I still do not know what intersection these guys will be at. I have one lead thanks to my friend pretending to be an anti and calling the local "Pro-Life" group for info. They didn’t know, but told us where the group went last year. It was where I suspected anyways. I am hoping I can find them at 8am and then just follow them to their 12pm spot (or, scare them away!). 
So here are my posters:
And the really clever one my friend thought of:
It’s a little tongue in cheek for us because we are both atheists, but since the fools with the pictures are religious, it works. Also, our signs are much more appropriate for public places than the gore they like.
I’ll add pictures and maybe video tomorrow. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and the#prochoice and #streetcornersforchoice hashtags! On that note, I went from 39 followers this morning, to 57. I don’t care how many followers I have, but there are quite a few interested people, which makes me happy!

This is what a feminist looks like,

My brother kept telling me to stop looking so happy, as if fighting anti’s isn’t fun! Granted, I’d rather they not be around, but if they are it’s fun to irk them!

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