Take A Seat Ezra Levant

It seems the more outrageous, controversial and just plain rude, the more attention one gets, to the point of disproportion. The most glaring example, this fringe American pastor, who draws more reporters than parishioners. In Canada, I’ve always been struck at how Ezra Levant manages to drive everybody into a frenzy. Extrapolating, it is for this reason that I firmly believe FoxNewsNorth will survive, not because of the right wing, but because of the left to moderate viewer, who engages in the "car wreck" fascination. Wouldn’t it be sad if the extremist right finds a voice because of indirect support from those that so vehemently oppose that point of view. Isn’t this blog post just another example of said dynamic?

Levant is on another tirade this morning, along with another "columnist", deriding those that dare question the philosophical underpinning of SunTV. Levant confuses freedom of speech with the idea of party affiliated propaganda, but that’s an argument that will always find easy cover, cute denial. I won’t like to the latest "column", but basically Levant rails against the left wing media and their allies, who are trying to suppress points of view, which doesn’t jive with their own socialist agenda.

A photo, and a very important one when you REALLY delve into the supposed issues that exist:

From the September 8th, Power and Politics, a panel discussing the oil sands and energy. Note the participants on the mothercorp- we have REGULAR participant Tasha Kheiriddin from the National Post, Ian Capstick and the very respectable David Akin, of, you guessed it SUNTV. Look carefully, and you will see the host Petty with her left hand on a book. That book, which she earlier held in the air and promoted is called "Ethical Oil", written by none other than Ezra Levant. So, just to tidy this up, we have the left wing media’s main player, the dreaded CBC, hosting a intelligent discussion on the oil sands with a three person panel consisting of a representative from a right wing newspaper, a left wing "pundit and the lead journalist from SUNTV. In addition, rather than shunning the view of people like Ezra Levant, CBC found it necessary to engage in a five minute conversation discussing the WORTH of said book, giving it free publicity and LEGITIMACY. Wow, that hardly seems like a bias, a conspiracy, evidence of this left wing media that these wayward ideologues LOVE to lean on, like old faithful.

I find it pure nonsense, the way these right wing zealots cling to their selective free speech, moral high ground. I find it offensive, because at the core, the fairness they enjoy from their supposed enemies is rarely reciprocated. If people were really trying to silence the Ezra Levant’s of the world, I wouldn’t have to see his radical mug on television so much, not to mention listen to fair minded discussion about his latest publication. The facts are the enemy, and forever ignored by these tunnel vision crusaders. Yawn. 

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